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Nom du fichier : Twisted Metal [PSP] - Auteur : ANO

While playing, press Right,Left, Down, Up and then press L and R together.

Infinite Weapons
While playing, press Triangle, Triangle, Down, Down.

Killer Weapons
While playing, press X twice and Up twice and then L and R together.

Unlock the ATV
Beat L.A. Cousin Eddy stage in Story mode.

Unlock Tokyo Streets Deathmatch Level
Complete the Tokyo Streets mini level.

Mega Guns
While playing, press X, Triangle, X, Triangle.

Unlock Axel
Beat Russia Mini Level.

Unlock Cousin Eddy
Beat L.A. Cousin Eddy stage in Story mode.

Unlock Crimson Fury
Complete the Monaco mini level.

Unlock Dark Tooth
Complete Story mode with any character.

Unlock Egypt Deathmatch Level
Complete the Egypt mini level.

Unlock Greece Death Match Level
Beat the Greece mini game.

Unlock Hammerhead
Beat Tokyo Rooftop mini level.

Unlock Mr. Slam
Beat L.A. mini level.

Unlock Paris Deathmatch Level
Complete the Paris mini level.

Unlock Rose Deathmatch Level
Complete the Rome mini level.

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