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Nom du fichier : Hot Shots Golf [PSP] - Auteur : ANO

All players:
In one player mode, intentionally miss your first two shots. Then, hit the ball three times perfectly. All players should now be unlocked.

Autumn Pagoda Coarse
Get to Beginner level in challenge mode

Golden Desert Coarse
Get to Senior level in challenge mode

Manual Replay Mode
Get to Senior level in challenge mode

Olive Coast Coarse
Get to Mid-Rank level in challenge mode

Open new ranks for challenge mode(mid-rank, senior, ect.)
Win matches/tornaments with a star. Once you gain enough stars you will unlock the next level

Unlock 5th loyalty heart for a character
Get a Super Win against them vs a regular win(get a -3 before the match is over)

Unlock Easy Mode for Challenge Mode
Lose multiple matches/tornaments in a row in challenge mode. There is no negative to this and can be changed under the options menu.

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