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The best strategy is to build your monorail track first and then build your structures adjacent to these tracks. If you construct buildings first you may find you will have to demolish them later when you build your monorail which will be very expensive.

Preventing Dinosaur Escapes:
If you have a dinosaur that keeps escaping from it's enclosure you will need to investigate to find out why and make the necessary changes to prevent this behaviour from continuing. To figure out what causes the dinosaur discomfort you need to check to see if any of it's status bars are red.

Unlock Sandbox Mode:
This feature will become available when you get the first island in the game a four star rating. If you pay attention to the star rating on the bottom of the screen and it will let you know what needs to be done on the island to achieve this.

Expedition Centers:
To get more dinosaurs into your park you will first need to unlock Dig Sites. Dig Sites are unlocked by building Expediton Centers, the more you build the larger variety of dinosaurs you will have in your park.

There are three different divisions you have to focus on and in order to progress in the game. These are the Entertainment Division, Science Division, and Security Division and they are each equally important so make sure you do not neglect any of them if you want to successfully manage your park.

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