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Unlock Auction House:
Complete the following goals in MyTeam to unlock the Auction House.The Auction House enables you to buy and sell players:

Earn 3 stars in a Domination game.

Win a Schedule mode game.

Open a League pack.

Earn a Challenge Token (complete all 5 Warm Up challenges).

Easy VC:
There are several ways you can earn VC easily and include:

1) Using the MyNBA 2K18 mobile app where you will earn 600 VC daily.

2) 500 VC can be earned from matches in Quick Game, and the daily login bonus rewards you with 100 VC.

3) You can simulate matches with SimCast in MyLeague mode to earn VC for almost no effort.

4) You can get up to 500 VC, along with other rewards, for answering a few questions in the NBA 2KTV interactive episodes. The episodes come out weekly.

5) Go to the 2KZone when you are exploring the Neighborhood to earn VC. You can either answer trivia questions for 25 VC each or go to the betting machine to accurately predict up to 3 matches, each of them earning you 25 VC.

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