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Hidden Poses:
In Photo Paradise there are several Pose Cards that have secret alternate poses which are viewable by using the Black Fan on a destructible suit.

VIP Ticket Unlocks:
In Owner mode bet the following cumulative total of Zack dollars in the casino to unlock the corresponding ticket for purchase at the start of the next day. When you have bet the indicated total the ticket will become unlocked regardless of whether you win or lose.

Dangerous Ticket:
1,000,000 Zack Dollars.

Forbidden Ticket:
5,000,000 Zack Dollars.

Secret Ticket:
10,000,000 Zack Dollars.

Tempting Ticket:
2,000,000 Zack Dollars.

Unique Item Unlocks:
When you complete the following tasks with each girl the corresponding items and swimsuits will become unlocked.

DOA Costume 1:
Win 50 activities.

DOA Costume 2:
Win 100 activities.

DOA Costume 3:
Win 150 activities.

Favourite Food:
Complete character mission 3/7.

Fortune Swimsuit:
Achieve a score of S-rank on 9 vacations.

Lovely Summer Swimsuit:
View the girl's ending pictorial.

Personalised Forest Bloomers:
Play Rock Climbing 10 times.

Personalised Navy Bloomers:
Play Beach Volleyball 10 times.

Personalised Navy School Swimsuit:
Play Pool Hopping 10 times.

Personalised Rouge Bloomers:
Play Beach Flags 10 times.

Personalised Rouge School Swimsuit:
Play Butt Battle 10 times.

Personalised White School Swimsuit:
Play Tug-of-War 10 times.

Unique Item:
Complete character mission 5/7.

Owner Level Unlocks:
When you reach the following Owner level you will unlock the corresponding Special Features and items.

Black Sailor Uniform:
Reach Owner level 80

Blue Sailor Uniform:
Reach Owner level 90

Forest Bloomers:
Reach Owner level 60

Gold Volleyball:
Reach Owner level 22

Navy Bloomers:
Reach Owner level 40

Navy School Swimsuit:
Reach Owner level 10

Rouge Bloomers:
Reach Owner level 50

Rouge School Swimsuit:
Reach Owner level 20

Silver Volleyball:
Reach Owner level 12

White Sailor Uniform:
Reach Owner level 70

White School Swimsuit:
Reach Owner level 30

Event Paradise:
Reach Owner level 30.

Gold Fan:
Reach Owner level 60.

Gravure Paradise:
Reach Owner level 50.

Time Stop:
Reach Owner level 80.

Mysterious Volleyball:
Reach Owner level 100.

Force Replay
If you press and hold L2 when you have scored or lost a volleyball point you will force a replay.

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