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Easy The Nutcracker Sweet! Trophy:
To get this Trophy you must incapacitate an enemy and then shoot them in the testicles. The best time to attempt this is on the first two enemies you encounter in Mission 8: Allagra Fortress. It is advised that after you incapacitate the enemy you make a manual save just in case the testicle shot goes wrong.

Easy Dirty Tactics Trophy:
To get this Trophy you must Kill an enemy via a booby trap. This can be easily done by placing an explosive on a dead body so when an enemy comes to investigate it explodes. Note: ALL explosives work except Stick Grenades and you may have to carry a dead body and leave it where it can be seen by the enemy.

Easy The Path of Most Resistance Trophy:
You can get this Trophy easily in Mission 8: Allagra Fortress by destroying the plane using a Bolt-Action Rifle. At the end of the mission wait for the plane to take off and then shoot the missile it is carrying so it explodes. Note: ALL the sniper rifles except Gewehr 43 and M1 are Bolt-Action. The M1903 Springfield is also bolt-action.

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