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Play as Bosses:
The bosses become unlocked as playable characters when you have beaten Story mode once.

Beat Story mode once.

Beat Story mode once.

Destroyed Arena:
When you have beaten Story mode once the 'Destroyed Arena' feature will become a selectable stage in other modes.

Special Versus BGM:
Special theme music will be triggered in a round when specific characters engage in battle. That special music will aslo become unlocked in the 'Gallery'. Note: These fights can take place in any gameplay mode other than Trial or Tutorial.

Ice Place (KOF XIV Version):
Kula vs. Angel

IKARI (KOF XIV Version):
Ralf vs. Clark

Micha Iya! (KOF XIV Version) :
Ryo vs. King

New Order (KOF XIV Version):
Kyo vs. Iori

Seoul Road (KOF XIV Version):
Kim vs. Chang, Kim vs. Choi

Soy Sauce for Geese (KOF XIV Version):
Terry vs. Geese

Tachi Bou Ke:
Athena vs. Kensou

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