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Hidden Message:
Keep the 'Fire' button down in Service mode and then press Up 6 times, Right 3 times, Down 4 times, and Left 8 times to see a hidden message.

Unlock Classic Level:
Return to the dungeon on Saliva Island when you have the Pirate Boots and then in the first room you land on dash left underneath the platform. When you do this you will enter a mini-dungeon modelled after the original Shantae game for the Gameboy Colour. If your reach the bottom of the room you will acquire a free auto-potion.

Unlock Alternate Ending:
If you collect ALL the Dark Magic from the 20 Cursed Cacklebats Shantae will be at full-power when he faces the Pirate Master in the Palace. Defeat him to view the true ending.

Unlock Wallpaper:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding wallpaper.

Pirate Shantae and Friends:
Complete the game with less than 100% completion in over 2 hours.

Shantae and Risky Boots:
Complete the game in less than 2 hours.

Shantae vs. ScorpGal:
Complete the game with 100% completion.

Unlock Pirate Mode:
When you have successfully completed the game start another playthrough on a new saved game to unlock Pirate mode. In this mode you will retain ALL of Risky's items from your previous session. Health or upgrades are not carried over.

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