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Ud Locust' Pistol:
Go to the rear of the 'Let's Pretend' store in New Baranec (southwest Steelport) and shoot the handle on the door to the right of the checkout counter. Behind this door there will be a shooting gallery with pictures of the developers and a chair near the dooway that will have the Loud Locust pistol on it.

Easy 'He's Still on the Naughty List' Trophy:
You can get the 'Still on the Naughty List' Trophy easily by flying to the giant Zinyak statue on Margrac Island during 'The Santa Clawz' mission and shooting the presents in the statue's hand. Margrac Island is the same island where you controlled a statue to fight Paul.

Easy 'Super Power Team Up!' Trophy:
An easy way to earn the 'Super Power Team Up!' Trophy is to complete ALL the installed DLCs in Co-op mode before completing the main storyline in Co-op mode.

Easy 'Switch Hitter' Trophy:
When you play as both genders of the same character for more than two hours of gameplay you will get the 'Switch Hitter' Trophy. To be able to do this you must undergo a sex change at a 'Image As Designed' clinic.

Unlock Alternate Ending:
When you complete ALL of the following Loyalty missions the alternate ending will become unlocked.

'Nytefall' mission for Matt Miller.

'Girls Night Out' mission for Shaundi.

'Pump Up the Volume' mission for Pierce.

'King of the Dance' mission for Ben King.

'Training Day' mission for Asha.

'SR3 Wrap-up' mission for Johnny Gat.

'The Girl Who Beat Cyrus' mission for Kinzie Kensington.

Penetrator Weapon:
The Penetrator is a melee weapon constructed from a metre-long dildo attached to a handle of a Baseball Bat. To obtain it go to Brickston and get to the bridge that leads east out of that neighborhood. The Penetrator can be found inside the cave that is next to the water just north of the bridge. You will need to use super-powers to jump inside.

Salem Broomstick Vehicle:
The Salem is a flying broomstick jetbike VTOL and is slightly smaller than the Specter and Ultor Interceptor. If you climb to the top of the Zin Tower in Rosen Oaks you will find one parked there.

Cheat Mode

Pause gameplay and select the 'Extras' option followed by 'Cheats' and then 'Add Cheat'. When you now enter the following codes (without the quotes) you will unlock the corresponding cheat option at the 'Cheats' menu. If you have entered the code correctly you will hear a confirmation sound. Note: while cheats are enabled you must manually save the game.

Super Sprint:
Enter 'runfast'

Enter 'supertk'

Enter 'superstomp'

Enter 'superblast'

Enter 'superbuff'

Death from Above:
Enter 'superdfa'

Disable Super Movement:
Enter 'nosupermove'

Disable Super Powers:
Enter 'nosuperpowers'

Elevator to Heaven:
Enter 'fryhole'

Enter 'cheese'

Clear Notoriety:
Enter 'goodygoody'

Player Vehicle Smash:
Enter 'isquishyou'

Repair Current Vehicle:
Enter 'repaircar'

ALL Weapons:
Enter 'letsrock'

Alien Hover Vehicle:
Enter 'givehovercar'

Alien Hover Tank:
Enter 'givehovertank'

Alien UFO:
Enter 'giveufo'

ALL Unlockables:
Enter 'unlockitall'

Fast Forward:
Enter 'fastforward'

Alien Jet Bike:
Enter 'givetrouble'

Monster Truck:
Enter 'givemonster'

Enter 'ascii'

Disable Warden Spawns:
Enter 'nowardens'

Instant Warden Notoriety:
Enter 'instantwarden'

Mascot Pedestrians:
Enter 'mascot'

Pimp and Hos Pedestrians:
Enter 'hohoho'

Insane City:
Enter 'insanecity'

Evil Cars:
Enter 'evilcars'

Disable Glitch FX:
Enter 'noglitchcity'

Big Head Mode:
Enter 'bigheadmode'

Invincible Player Vehicle:
Enter 'vroom'

Slow Motion:
Enter 'slowmo' (Requires the Executive Privilege Pack DLC)

Rated M++ (everything gibs):
Enter 'notrated' (Requires the Executive Privilege Pack DLC)

Golden Gun (one shot kills):
Enter 'goldengun' (Requires the Executive Privilege Pack DLC)

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