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Crafting Mechanics and Blueprints:
Complete the following tasks successfully to unlock the corresponding Blueprint.

Blue Backpack:
Complete Supply Drop: Penn Plaza Medical Supplies in Pennsylvania Plaza.

Blue Backpack:
Complete Rescue: Hell's Kitchen Civilians in Hell's Kitchen.

Blue Gloves:
Complete Rescue: Pvt. O'Brian Side Mission in Chelsea.

Blue Holster:
Complete Supply Drop: Gramercy Armaments mission in Gramercy.

Blue Holster:
Complete Rescue: Tenderloin Civilians in Tenderloin.

Blue Knee Pads:
Complete Supply Drop: Chelsea Medical Supplies Mission in Chelsea.

Blue Mask:
Complete Bounty: Axel Wallis in the Garment District.

Blue Vest:
Complete Uplink Repair: Hudson Yards in Hudson Yards.

Performance Gear Mod:
Unlock and upgrade the first level of the Tech wing.

Purple Backpack:
Complete ALL of the optional missions and encounters in Hell's Kitchen, then speak to the JTF Officer in the safe house.

Purple Vest:
Complete every side mission and encounter in Gramercy.

Weapon Mod: 552 Holo Sight:
Complete Rescue: Times Square Civilians in Times Square.

Weapon Mod: Extended Magazine:
Complete the Bounty: Simon Burris in Clinton.

Weapon Mod: Heavy Firing Spring:
Complete ALL of the optional missions and encounters in Clinton, then speak with the JTF Officer at the safe house.

Weapon Mod: Heavy Magazine Spring:
Complete Bounty: Wild Child mission in Hudson Yards.

Weapon Mod: Omega Rifle Suppressor:
Complete the Bounty: Simon Burris in Clinton.

Weapon Mod: PEQ-15 Laser:
Complete Rescue: Gramercy Civilian in Gramercy.

Weapon Mod: T2 Micro Red Dot Sight:
Unlock ALL wings inside the Base of Operations, then speak with the JTF Officer in the entrance hall.

Weapon Mod: Ti-RANT Suppressor:
Complete Procurement: Security Cameras in Hudson Yards.

Weapon Mod: Vertical Grip:
Complete Uplink Repair: Tenderloin in Tenderloin.

Weapon: 586 Magnum:
Complete Bounty: Lord of the 212 in Hell's Kitchen.

Weapon: Blue Military SCAR-H:
Complete Uplink Repair: Chelsea in Chelsea.

Weapon: Covert SRS:
Complete the mission Investigation: Sterilization Supplies in Pennsylvania Plaza.

Weapon: Double Barrel Shotgun:
Complete Missing Person: Michael Dufrane in Garment District.

Weapon: Enhanced AUG A3P:
Complete ALL optional missions and encounters in the Flatiron District.

Weapon: Hunting M44:
Complete Procurement: UV Filters in Gramercy.

Weapon: M249 B:
Complete Uplink Repair: Times Square in Times Square.

Weapon: M45A1:
Complete all of the optional missions in Times Square, then speak with the JTF Officer at the safe house.

Weapon: Military M60 E4:
Complete Hudson Yards by finishing ALL optional missions and encounters in the area.

Weapon: Police M4 Blueprint:
Complete Uplink Repair: Garment District.

Weapon: Px4 Storm Type F:
Complete Missing Person: Heather Lau Side Mission in Chelsea.

Weapon: SASG-12:
Complete Supply Drop: Flatiron Antivirals in the Flatiron District.

Weapon: Tactical Vector 45 ACP:
Complete Supply Drop: Clinton Food Supplies in Clinton.

Weapon:Burst First MP-5 A4:
Complete Supply Drop: Hudson Yards Armaments in Hudson Yards.

Weapon: Classic RPK-74:
Complete Bounty: Michelle Mason mission in Chelsea.

Easy Phoenix Credits:
An easy way to get Phoenix Credits is to repeatedly complete the first Challenge mode mission (Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint). This is the easist mission to complete and will earn you 30 Phoenix Credits each time and High-End gear.

Daily Mission Phoenix Credits:
Complete the Daily mission to get over 50 Phoenix Credits (20 for the Daily, 30 for the Challenge mode, and 1-3 for killing the Boss).

Display ALL Collectibles On Map:
If you purchase the 'Canine Unit' in the Security Wing for 200 supplies you will be able to display ALL the collectables on the map. When you then complete ALL side missions and encounters in a specific zone you will reveal ALL the remaining intel on the map in that zone.

Unlock Challenge Mode:
Chalenge mode will become unlocked when you have reached Level 30. ALL the enemies in Challenge mode are Elite and Level 32 making it the hardest difficulty in the game.

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