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On the maps that contain bodies of water you will be able to swim and use your weapons underwater. You will not be able to breath underwater so if you need to reach the surface quickly before you die from drowning you will need to use a 'Thrust Jump'.

To begin wallrunning you just run towards a wall and then press 'Forawrd' to continue. When you are wallrunning you can still use your weapons and equipment.

Low Obstacles:
When you encounter low obstacles while sprinting press 'Jump' while near it to mantle. You can mantle in all directions so there is no need to stop moving.

An effective tactic that allows you to shoot from the hip while sprinting is to use the Gung-Ho perk in a custom loadout.

Unlock Dead Ops Arcade 2:
In Campaign mode complete mission 2, 'New World' to enable you to enter the safe house. At the safe house go to your Data Vault and press the hidden button at the top left corner to access Dead Ops Arcade 2.

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