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Cheat Mode:
Enter the following code during gameplay to become invincible with unlimited Shykull power and be able to possess any creature. Hold R1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, X(2), Circle(2), Triangle, Square, X, Down(3).

Easy 'Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?' Trophy:
When Abe has been Killed by ALL 15 of the following ways you will get the 'Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?' trophy.

1. Fall into a grinder.
2. Get eaten by Slogs.
3. Get sliced by a giant saw.
4. Get swarmed by Bats or Bees.
5. Get crushed by falling meat.
6. Fall down a bottomless pit or very high ledge.
7. Blow yourself up with a grenade.
8. Step on a land mine that cannot be disarmed.
9. Step on a small red flashing mine.
10. Get disintegrated by a laser fence.
11. Get crushed by a falling rock.
12. Walk into a hovering mine.
13. Get torn apart by Scrabs or Paramites.
14. Get blown up by a timed mine.
15. Get shot by Sligs.

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