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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation trophy rewards.

Being More Than Just Friends is Okay... Just Kidding (Bronze): Defeat Arisa Shindo in arcade mode.
Challenge Master (Silver): Complete all missions in challenge mode.
I'll Always Watch Over You (Bronze): Defeat Hatsuki Saionji in arcade mode.
I'll Become Your Wife, Onii-chan! (Bronze): Defeat Mashiro Asagiri in arcade mode.
I'll Give You Intense Personal Training Later! (Bronze): Defeat Saki Nakano in arcade mode.
Master of E-Mahjong (Gold): Reach a 100% achievement rate.
Secret Touch (Bronze): Use the touchpad for the first time.
Senpai, I Like... Like You... (Bronze): Defeat Shizu Tsubakino in arcade mode.
Something Good Happened (Bronze): Play the lottery for the first time.
Studio Of Memories (With Fantasies) (Silver): Unlock all images in the image gallery.
Women Have A Spirit Of Charity? (Silver): Achieve the true ending with all characters in arcade mode.
You'll Always Be With Me. (Bronze): Defeat Hikari Aisaka in arcade mode.

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