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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
Smackeroo (Bronze): Score 180 in three darts.
Lipstick (Bronze): Score a treble 20.
Good Darts (Bronze): Score over 100 in three darts.
First Match Win (Bronze): Win a match.
Victory (Bronze): Win your first tournament.
Taking On The World (Bronze): Enter an online match.
Halfway To The Leaderboard (Bronze): Throw 50 darts online.
Ranking Player (Bronze): Throw 100 darts online.
Keeping Time (Bronze): Hit three consecutive numbers in three consecutive darts in one turn of around the clock.
Doubling Up (Bronze): Finish a game of Black & White with a score of 20 or more.
Demon Bowler US (Bronze): Hit three consecutive numbers in three consecutive darts in US rules cricket.
Demon Bowler UK (Bronze): Score 3 points with three darts as the bowler in UK rules cricket.
Five's Alive (Bronze): Score 36 after three darts in a game of fives.
Assassin! (Bronze): Knock an oppenent out of a Killer party game in six darts or less.
Survivor (Bronze): Beat an opponent's score of 140 or more in Knockout.
What are the odds? (Bronze): Score 177 in Odd Man In.
Missing in action (Bronze): Miss a targeted finishing double, three darts in a row.
Bottom Rung (Bronze): Enter a custom character into a tournament.
Halfway There (Silver): Win three tournaments.
Digital Tungsten Magic (Silver): Win an online match.
Whole (Silver): Complete a game of Half-it without being halved.
Shanghai (Silver): Hit the single, double and treble of the round's number in Shanghai.
The Whole 9 Points (Silver): Score 9 points in three darts in a game of Twenty-One.
Last Chance Saloon (Silver): Check out with double 1.
Unassisted (Silver): Beat a pro with the assist off.
Practice Makes Perfect (Silver): Score 180 on the practice board in three darts.
The Champion! (Gold): Win all tournaments.
Unrivaled (Gold): Beat every professional.
Maxed Out Checkout (Gold): Check out with a score of 170.
Magnetised To The Lipstick (Gold): Score 180 with assist off.
Taylor Made (Gold): Rank number one in the Order of Merit with a custom character.
The Nine Dart Finish (Gold): Score exactly 501 in nine darts.
The Magnetism of the tungsten (Platinum): Win all other trophies.

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