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Weapon Combos
Here are some weapon combos to get you started in Dead Rising 2.
* Wolverine Claws - Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife
* Improvised Explosive Device - Box of Nails + Gas Can
* Drill Bucket - Bucket + Drill
* Molotov - Newspaper + Booze
* Electric Rake - Car Battery + Rake
* Gem Blower - Gems + Leaf Blower
* Defiler - Axe + Sledgehammer
* Air Horn - Traffic Cone + Aresol Spray
* Hail Mary - Football + Grenade
* Snowball Cannon - Extinguisher + Super Soaker
* Tenderizers - Box of Nails + MMA Gloves
* Fountain Lizard - Lizard Head Mask + Pipe
* Dynameat - Human Hand (or hunk of meat) + TNT
* Fire Spitter - Tiki Torch + Light Machine Gun
* Freedom Bear - Giant Teddy Bear + Light Machine Gun
* Flamethrower - Gas Can + Super Soaker
* Rocket Launcher - Pipe + Fireworks
* Exsanguinator - Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade
* Blambow - Bow And Arrows + TNT
* Beer Hat - Bottle of Beer + Hard Hat
* Heliblade - Toy Helicopter + Machete
* Power Guitar - Guitar + Amp
* Light Saber - Gems + Flashlight
* Pitchfork Shotgun - Pitchfork + Shotgun
* Paddlesaw - Canoe paddle + Chainsaw
* Testla Ball - Hamster Ball + Car Battery
* Letrci-Rake - Rake + Car Battery
* Propeller Hat - Serve-Bot Head + Propeller
* Moto-Saw - Dirt Bike + Chainsaw
* Zombie Eater - Push Lawn Mower + 2X4
* ??????? - Leaf Blower + Parasol
* Spiked Bat - Box of Nails + Baseball Bat
* Blitzkrieg - Assault Rifle + Electric Wheel Chair

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
Zombie Slaughter (Bronze): Kill 500 zombies.
Zombie Destruction (Bronze): Kill 5,000 zombies.
Vigilante Justice (Bronze): Defeat 5 psychopaths.
Judge, Jury and Executioner (Bronze): Defeat 10 psychopaths.
Zombie Fu (Bronze): Kill 1,000 zombies barehanded.
Wrong Kind of Chopper (Bronze): Kill 1,000 zombies while riding a motorcycle.
He hasn't covered wars... (Bronze): Use every type of firearm on a zombie.
Head Trauma (Bronze): Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie.
Death From Afar (Bronze): Use every type of ranged weapon on a zombie.
Explosive Temper (Bronze): Use every type of explosive on a zombie.
Death of Comedy (Bronze): Use every type of novelty weapon on a zombie.
Come On Follow Mw (Bronze): Escort 8 survivors at once.
Saving the Day (Bronze): Save 10 survivors.
Hero of Fortune City (Bronze): Save 50 survivors.
Needs More Chainsaw (Bronze): Create a combo weapon.
Duct Tape FTW (Bronze): Create all combo weapons.
Apprentice Rising (Bronze): Reach level 25.
Professional Rising (Bronze): Reach level 50.
Fashion Aficionado (Bronze): Change into 10 different pieces of clothing.
Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? (Bronze): Change into all pieces of clothing in the game.
Bartender (Bronze): Mix a drink.
Look at All That Juice (Bronze): Create and consume all mixed drinks in the game.
Finally Full (Bronze): Eat all types of food in the game.
Having A Gas (Bronze): Kill 1,000 gas zombies.
Father of the Month (Bronze): Give Katey a gift.
Father of the Year (Bronze): Give Katey all possible gifts.
Better With A Friend (Bronze): Solve all case files in Co-op mode.
Don't You Die On Me (Bronze): Revive another player in Co-op mode.
Big Spender (Bronze): Spend $6,000,000 in Fortune City.
Window Shopper (Bronze): Enter all stores in the game.
Masquerade (Bronze): Have 10 zombies with masks on at once.
Improper Behavior (Bronze): Spraypaint all Zombrex posters.
TK's Favorite (Bronze): Play and win in all 9 TIR events.
Rising Star (Bronze): Come in first place in a single TIR event.
Win Big! (Bronze): Finish in first place in a TIR episode.
Custom Finish (Bronze): Give your bike a custom paint job.
Curiously Inventive (Bronze): Collect all combo cards hidden in Fortune City.
Life Saver (Bronze): Collect all combo cards from survivors.
Tough Guy (Bronze): Collect all combo cards from psychopaths.
Half Deck (Bronze): Collect 25 combo cards.
Smashy (Bronze): Smash 100 zombies using the Smash skill move.
Stick 'em up! (Bronze): Stick it to a zombie by covering him in weapons and objects!.
Skill to Survive (Bronze): Tame Snowflake.
Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder (Silver): Kill 53,596 zombies.
Clean Record (Silver): Complete The Facts.
Justice Served (Silver): Complete Overtime.
Zombie Genocide Master (Gold): Kill 72,000 zombies.
Full Deck (Gold): Collect all combo cards.
Data Miner (Gold): Fill all entries in the notebook.
DR2 Trophy Master (Platinum): You have acquired all the trophies in Dead Rising 2.
Additionally there is one secret trophy.
Tap it or DIE (Silver): Discovered the secret combo card.

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