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Nom du fichier : Kung Fu Panda [PS3] - Auteur : ANO

Cheat mode
Select the "Extras" option at the main menu. Then, select the "Cheats" option and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Invincibility in Story mode
Enter Down, Down, Right, Up, Left as a code.

All multi-player characters
Enter Left, Down, Left, Right, Down as a code.

Unlimited Chi
Enter Down, Right, Left, Up, Down as a code.

4x damage multiplier
Enter Up, Down, Up, Right, Left as a code.

Big heads in Story mode
Enter Down, Up, Left, Right, Right as a code.

Dragon Warrior costume in multi-player mode
Enter Left, Down, Right, Left, Up as a code.

All costumes
Enter Right, Left, Down, Up, Right as a code.

Full upgrades
Enter Left, Right, Down, Left, Up as a code.

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