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NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.

Cheat Codes (case sensitive):

GodMode Toggle God Mode on/off (unlimited health)
(After entering this cheat, the console will show
"GodMode 1" if enabled, or else "GodMode 0" if disabled)

AddAmmo Sets the ammo count to 500 for the clips of every
weapon in your inventory. This means that you can fire
500 times with each weapon before having to reload.

FullHealth Restore your Health to the maximum

GiveKnife WeaponKnife
GiveMachete WeaponMachete
GiveColt WeaponPistol
GiveColtAmmo Ammo9mmShort
GiveDesertEagle WeaponPistolHeavy
GiveDesertEagleAmmo Ammo12mmShort
GiveSpas WeaponRifleSpas
GiveSpasAmmo AmmoShotguun
GiveM16 WeaponRifle
GiveM16Ammo Ammo8mmLong
GiveAK47 WeapponRifleAK
GiveAK47Ammo AmmoAK47
GiveMP5 WeaponSilencedMP5
GiveMP5Ammo Ammo9mmParabellum
GiveSniper WeaponRifleSniperHeavy
GiveSniperAmmo Ammo14mmLong
GiveCrossbow WeaponCrossbow
GiveCrossbowAmmo AmmoBolt
GiveRocketLauncher WeaponHeavyRocketLauncher
GiveRocketLauncherAmmo AmmoRockets
GiveGrenadeLauncher WeaponGrenadeLauncher
GiveGrenadeLauncherAmmo AmmoGrenadelauncher
GiveRPG7 WeaponRPG7
GiveGrenade WeaponGrenade
GiveWeaponKnife WeaponKnife
GiveWeaponAK744 WeaponAK74
GiveAmmoAK74 AmmoAK74
GiveWeaponAK74Granatnik WeaponAK74Granatnik
GiveAmmoAK74Granatnik AmmoAK74Granat
GiveWeaponFamas WeaponFamas
GiveAmmoFamas AmmoFamas
GiveWeaponFRF2 WeaponFRF2
GiveAmmoFRF2 AmmoFRF2
GiveWeaponHKPSG1 WeaponHKPSG1
GiveWeaponHKUSP WeaponHKUSP
GiveWeaponLRAC89 WeaponLRAC89
GiveAmmoLRAC89 AmmoLRAC89
GiveWeaponM1911 WeaponM1911
GiveAmmoM1911 AmmoM1911
GiveWeaponMilkorMGL140 WeaponMilkorMGL140
GiveAmmoMilkorMGL140 AmmoMilkorMGL140
GiveWeaponMP5sd6 WeaponMP5sd6
GiveAmmoMP5sd6 AmmoMP5sd6
GiveWeaponRPG7 WeaponRPG7
GiveAmmoRPG7 AmmoRPG7
GiveWeaponSPAS12 WeaponSPAS12
GiveAmmoSPAS12 AmmoSPAS12

GiveAllWeapons Give every available weapon

TuneClip Increase Ammo Capacity for Currently Active Weapon

TuneGun Increase RateOfFire for Currently Active Weapon

GiveAllAmmo Gives 300 ammo for all Weapons

NextMission NextMission (jump to the next single player Mission)


1. Start the game.

2. Begin a new game or load a saved game.

3. Open the game Console:
Hit the key " ` " or " ~ " also known as Tilde.

A CONSOLE window should open with a cursor.

4. Enter your codes in the following format:


You substitute the <code> part for one of the cheat codes listed above.



- This is the way that it must be, based on the Java parsing crap which this
game uses.

Note: You may hit the UpArrow and DownArrow keys to cycle through previously
entered codes.

5. Hit " ` " or " ~ " to leave the console.

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