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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips & Tricks:
Written by Yaotzin.

If you've played H1Z1 or even PUBG, just skip this. You don't need this.
Just remember, no vehicles.

For everyone else, listen up.

Crosshair placement. When you're carrying anything but a shotgun, where will
the opponents head be? Your crosshair should be there at almost all times. Are
you carrying a shotgun? Then where is their torso? Keep it there. And jump.
Jump and shoot with the shotgun so that the enemy shoots you in the legs
instead of the torso (if they even have their crosshair there).

When you're on the move, make sure that you always have cover nearby.
With cover I mean a big enough stone to hide your entire body, a wide tree
or a hilltop/edge that you can hide behind to heal up.

Do not start a fight when you're in the open if you arent 110% certain that
you are able to kill your enemy before they can even shoot back at you.

If you have the high ground your bullet drop will be reduced drastically,
which makes it easier for you to hit your shots.

The only reason you should rush someone with a shotgun is if you get shot
at from a second player from another angle and need immediate cover to heal
or if you've run out of heals. If you in any other situation choose to rush
someone with a shotgun, you will burn in hell you piece of ???.
Also, This will happen to you if you COD-rush. Lil' ???.

-=Timesaving Tips & Tricks=-
This section of the guide is going to be fairly short, but it is after all..

I hope that every average gamer already does this, but for the love of god,
change keybinds before you enter your first game. In my opinion, the default
keybinds for this game are completely illogical. Have some self respect, you
don't wanna have to AFK your first game to figure out how to move forward.

Rather than waiting for the developers to add training grounds, go for the
fights. You'll never master the guns if you don't use them.

Shield up before fights. This is extra important if you have an offensive perk.
You shouldn't ask why, it's really logical, but we'll get an extra reason as
to why in the Combat Passives section.

Don't run away from the safezone to loot if you don't REALLY have to.
This won't save your time as much as it will save your life, but by not being
pressured to run in a certain direction due to the gas line closing in will
save your life from "gas line campers"

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