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How to Kill Neutrals:
Written by Skeith

This guide is made to help new players on actually the most important
question of this game: How to kill neutrals?

-=Neutral killer basics=-
I want to start this guide with the reason you kill neutrals:

They will turn your game from win to lose.
You dont want to have them on your side unless its necessary, if you dont
have anything better to do (like killing unseen/cult) - kill neutral.
You dont want to get a neutral king also, if you know someone is confirmed
BD - up them for king. Kill neutral instead.

-=The mercenary=-
Someone claims mercenary? Its pretty simple, kill them. There's a class in
this game called knight, apparently knight does not exist, but it doesnt change
the fact that mercenary is actually bad for both BD and Unseen/Cult. Its even
bad for neutral killer. Mercenary is one of a few neutral classes that should
die n1 every single game. Mercenary can block BD heals or evil attacks.
Mercenary is bad for everyone.

-=The alchemiste=-
Same as mercenary - bad for everyone. Yes he can heal, which is bad for evils.
Yes he can kill, which is bad for BD in some cases. He can side with anyone,
which may lose you a game. By the way, you got sorcerer? bomb alchemist night

-=The fool=-
Fool does not exist

-=The Inquisitor=-
Inquisitor is NOT siding with you after he won, remember that. The only thing
that's good for BD is inquisitor existence, since heathen is an important status
to know as BD, especially if inquisitor does not lie about their heathens.
If you are heathen cult leader or assassin - inquisitor is bad for you too.
Even if he wants two other BD dead, it doesnt mean he wants you to win.

-=The pretender=-
Same as inquisitor, he wont side with you. This neutral wants your starting
king dead. Yes its good when king is BD for evils, or when king is evil for BD,
but it still doesnt matter he will side with you after killing. Just poison
pretender as long as he gets king and you have a better target to get king.

-=The scorned=-
Generally, BD think scorned is bad right? I dont think so. Scorned is useless,
if you will be able to identify that someone is scorned - as long as you think,
you wont get his frame or his disguise. A good scorned can make you lose as both

Scorned is not a threat for everyone, this is the most peaceful neutral you
can see in this game.

-=The sellsword=-
He sell swords. If sellsword claims butler - he is threat for every single
faction, even evils. Dont claim butler as sellsword. Cause chaos.

-=Neutral killers=-
One tip: killing other neutral is not always a bad choice. Oh and also night
one bomb on neutral is good.

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