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Alpha Prime Cheat Codes - PC

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Alpha Prime Cheat Codes - PC
Nom du fichier : Alpha Prime Cheat Codes - Auteur : TNT - [PC]

NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.

Cheat Codes (case sensitive):

help Display game web links

showai Toggle Show AI on/off (enemy artificial intelligence)
so you can see what all the baddies are up to (probably
hellbent on attacking you)

leach Jump to the next level (mission)

rasputin Immortality: Set health to maximum and auto-refill
health when it drops below maximum.
*NOTE: can only be disabled with 'CheatImmortality 0'

xylophone Get all 8 Weapons

fodder Get 100,000 ammo for each weapon that you currently have

quack Get maximum health

coke Set bullet time remaining to maximum

AlphaPrimeVersion Display game version

*More Codes (these require a floating point or integer number as an argument):

CheatNextLevel Jump to the next level (mission)

CheatWeapons Get all 8 Weapons

CheatAmmo Get 100,000 ammo for each weapon that you currently have

CheatImmortality Set health to maximum and auto-refill health when it
drops below maximum

CheatHubbardium Set bullet time remaining to maximum

CheatHealth Get maximum health

PlayerMaxOxygen Set the maximum oxygen you can store
Default = 100

NoOxygenHurtTime Controls the rate of health decrease when oxygen runs
out. The value is the # of seconds that must transpire
before "NoOxygenHealthDown" amount is taken from your
Example: you have a HurtTime of 3.0 (3 seconds) and a
HealthDown rate of 5 health. Every 3 seconds, you will
lose 5 health points.
Default = 0.1

NoOxygenHealthDown Controls the amount of health decrease when oxygen runs
out. (lower numbers means slower health decrease.
0 will disable the health decrease so you can never
loose health due to lack of oxygen)
Default = 30

■ Installation ■

1. Start the game.

2. Begin a new game or load a saved game.

3. Open the game Console:

Meaning hold down RightCtrl & RightAlt at the same time and then hit F3.

A CONSOLE window should open with a cursor.

4. Enter your codes.

Note: You may hit the UpArrow and DownArrow keys to cycle through previously
entered codes.

Most commands can be run without an argument to check the current value.
An argument value of 0 will toggle a cheat code off, if possible.
Such as with 'CheatImmortality'. All of the CheatXXXX commands require a
value of 1.0 or higher to enable that cheat code. Also, when setting other
console commands such as 'NoOxygenHurtTime', you must have a 0 in front of
the decimal point if you use floating point values between 0ǃ.

Incorrect: NoOxygenHurtTime .5
(causes syntax error)

Proper : NoOxygenHurtTime 0.5
Proper : CheatWeapons 1

It works if done properly.

5. Hit RightCtrl-RightAlt-F3 again, to leave the console.

6. For more console/debug commands, check the included binary file named
<< CHEATS.BIN >>, which contains all of the console commands. You will be
hard pressed to find a use for all of them, but we give them to you anyway.
Some good areas to look at are the lines below 'AlphaPrimeVersion' & the
lines above 'CheatNextLevel'.

Just search in a hex editor for those two strings and then pagedn/pageup to
see tons of console commands. Such as for setting: run speed, gravity, gun
ammos, bullet time related crap, engine settings, debug junk, etc.

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