SpellRogue Cheat Codes

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SpellRogue Cheat Codes
Nom du fichier : SpellRogue Cheat Codes - Auteur : DAV - [PC]

SpellRogue Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock All Artifacts in the Vault:
* The player’s data is in this folder:
%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Guidelight Games\SpellRogue\

* The progress file name is "UserProfile.json"

* It is a text file (in json format) which can be edited directly.
* Make a backup of that file first.
* Then open the file with notepad.
* Do not use word processor programs like Write, Word, etc.
* For only the artifact vault items, search the file for:
"Artifact -

-=Example Entry=-
"achievementRef": {
"type": "Wiz.Progression.AchievementEntry",
"name": "Artifact - spend many dice casting countdown spell",
"guid": "cf75accb0c3694e35bc5e7385f7bd9d6"
"amount": 0

Change the: "amount": 0
To: "amount": 1
The name of the entries are similar to the Artifact Vault’s display names,
but not an exact match.

-=For example=-
* “Spend 20+ Dice to cast a single Countdown Spell” is called
“Artifact – spend many dice casting countdown spell”
* Save the file and load up the game.
* The items should now be unlocked.

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Mise à jour : 2024.04.22

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