Rise of the White Sun Cheat Codes

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Rise of the White Sun Cheat Codes
Nom du fichier : Rise of the White Sun Cheat Codes - Auteur : DAV - [PC]

Rise of the White Sun Cheat Codes

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Rise of the White Sun

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=How to Enable Console=-
Type [C] to open the cheat console then type desired command from the
list below.

-=All Console Commands (Cheats)=-
These cheat codes were developed for the aim of replicating bugs or
playtesting. In a typical gaming environment, they ought to function
flawlessly, although unexpected and unusual interactions might happen.

-=Power Cheats=-
* yollo - Gives max resources to all your characters.
* megayollo - Same as [yollo], but stronger.
* wearefamily - Your character’s loyalty is now maximum
* tycoon - All your district policies progress to 100%
(useful to explore the policy tree).
* biggun - Fills your faction’s armory with goodies
(what will you do with these 2000 armored trains?)
* sepuku - Kills your character (and yes, that is super useful).

* redsu - Launches a Communist uprising in Shanghai.
* su - Launches the Shanghai uprising with your faction.
* rsu - Launches the Shanghai uprising with your faction, to reclaim
the International concessions.
* resolvesu - Resolves an ongoing Shanghai uprising.
* rfos - Ends the Shanghai uprising with a victory for the uprising side.
* shanghaicarnage - Ends the Shanghai uprising for the defending side.
* bluesu - Created to playtest the Shanghai massacre from a GMD point
of view.
* lacavaleriearrive - The Bai Chongxi HQ appears on the Shanghai map
(this is of no real use outside the Shanghai uprising scenario).
* inthenavy - During the Shanghai uprising, transfer the gunboat to
your side.
* trafalgars - During the Shanghai uprising, the gunboat leaves the
* falluk - During the Shanghai uprising, destroyes imperialist units.
* showspots - Makes the spots where units can move more visibles on
the Shanghai map.
* myshanghai - Congratulations, Shanghai is yours now
(to be used on the main China map).
* unlockshanghai - Unlocks the Shanghai map
(not really useful for most of the factions).

-=Guangzhou - Hong Kong
* bluecanton - Guangzhou becomes controlled by the Guomindang.
* chencanton - Guangzhou becomes controlled by Chen Jiongming.
* evacuatecanton - Units in Guangzhou are ordered to retreat.
* oldsouth - Activates the Guangzhou government in its 1921 form.
* hongkongstrike - The Guangzhou Strike Committee will appear on the map
(with a vitality of only 5).
* hkturbostrike - Gets the Hong Kong strike on fast track.
* starthkstrike - Triggers a dialogue with Borodin to start the strike.
Will certainly produce strange effects with non relevant factions.
* countcantonunit - Will tell you how many units they are in Guangzhou
(looking at the map should be quicker…)

* Bogdbreaksfree - Clears Urga from all units and turns it to rebels.

-=Tibet & Xikang
* angrylama - Test for monks revolt all across Xikang.

* punksinpekin - Makes sure there is a police unit in Beijing and tests
for local revolt.
* harosurpekin - Some variation of the code above. Gives you control of
Beijing garrison.
* whitepekin - Ungern will control Beijing
(some events may fire twice, leading to strange effects).

* wuhangov - Replaces the Guangzhou government by the Wuhan government and
turns most of Hubei as Guomindang territory.

-=Unlock Characters
* gologqueen - The Golog Queen joins you.
* duanqirui - Duan Qirui joins you.
* choekyinyima - The Panchen Lama joins you.
* grigorisemenov - Some White Russian legendary bastard joins you.
* puyi - The last Qing Emperor joins you.
* greenfriend - Befriend the Green Gang / Huang Jinrong joins you.

-=Strange Effects Cheat Codes
* countchar - Will tell you how many different characters there is in the
game (counting even dead and inactive characters).
* run! - The selected unit retreats.
* shenornothing - If Shen Hongying is in game, he creates his own faction.
and you now play as him.
* coin1920 - Many warlords in Little Model China will now be more interested
about fighting Communism and building things in their province.
* endgame - Next turn will be the last turn.
* nearendgame - You will be 3 turns from the last turn.
* endgamesandbox - Will advance you to the last turn but will then add 60
more turns (may break the game after 1928).
* youdieofdisentery - Selected character is now sick.
* suicideispainless - Selected character is now depressed.

-=New Cheat Codes
* miamivice - Grants you anti-smuggling brigades and opium suppression
offices in every district under your control.
* thepartyneverends - Extends the game’s duration by an additional 100 turns.
* cantonragtime - Originally intended for playtesting purposes only, this cheat
code may produce unexpected results if used in the wrong scenario or with the
wrong faction. It triggers the 1927 Guangzhou Uprising. Use with caution!

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Mise à jour : 2024.01.15

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