Roots of Pacha Cheat Codes

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Roots of Pacha Cheat Codes
Nom du fichier : Roots of Pacha Cheat Codes - Auteur : DAV - [PC]

Roots of Pacha Cheat Codes

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Roots of Pacha

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Feed Animals:
-=Simple Tip=-
If you need to feed your animals then put some cut grass in their
feeding trogs inside the barn.

-=Tip for Lazy=-
Just build a fence around the barn with tall grass inside, they
will graze and you dont have to manually feed.

Note: Make sure its big enough for all your animals to roam.

How the Fishing Minigame Works:
Written by abenlen

Roots of Pacha has a fishing mini game that I’ve never seen in any
other game, so I thought that a quick explanation of how it works might
be useful to someone. This is meant to just be a quick explanation,
not an in-depth fishing guide.

-=Toucha the Fishy=-
To begin fishing, select your hand ax tool. Later on, you’ll learn to
craft something better, but for now, this will do. Walk into a shallow
spot of water. Click to activate your tool. The fishing pond arena will
appear. It’s showtime!

I’ve tried fishing with both the controller and the mouse. For me, the
mouse was much easier. But hey, things might not be the same for you.

To catch a fish, you have to hover your cursor over the fish as it swims.
That’s right, toucha the fishy! There will be a targeting circle around
the fish that you have to stay inside of. There is a segmented bar that
will appear under the fish as you do this. The harder the fish, the more
segments there are. Once you fill up all the segments, click on your tool
again. Wham bam fish!

The segmented line does fade in and out, and you’ll only catch the fish
when it is solid. A soft tone plays as each segment fills, so this might
help you with the timing. My understanding is that the more you fish up
a certain type of fish, the easier it will be for you to catch it, but
I haven’t tested that personally. The fish can swim under the rocks
(they float I guess?) and other obstacles that might be in the pond. As
they do this, you are not touching the fishy and the green segments will
begin to fade away. When the fish swims out from under the obstacle,
the line will begin to fill in again. Once in a while at random, you
might get an exclamation mark, warning you to get your cursor off the
fish until it forgets that you are there. Once the mark is gone toucha
the fishy again.

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