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Tune in to the show Cheat Codes
Nom du fichier : Tune in to the show Cheat Codes - Auteur : DAV - [PC]

Tune in to the show Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Ereaway

-=Day 1=-
* 2 Truth one lie Game

* Richard turn
* Dropping of the college
* Maya turn
* The concert
* Diana turn
* Your two sisters and them being your best friends

* Evelyn
* sure, why the hell not

-=Day 2=-
* Vivian
* Hope well be on the same team
* I just feel like we would win
* Sounds fun, might join you next time
* What i've seen was pretty great too

* Da-eun
* your choice
* I'll take the wheel
* I'll be the passenger today

* I can relate, I love summer too.
* I would love to

* Ice cream flavour choice
-your choice
* Vanilla
* Chocolate
* MInt

* The cameras.
* I do have some favourites already.

* Ayaka
* Yes. We were strgazing. Gazing at the stars.
That's what we did. Very cool.

* Maya
* I'm pretty good, yeah.

* Ping Pong
* Calm down. Play it safe, return the ball lightly to her side.

* Richard
* The cheese room.

* Vivian
* It's been great so far, yeah.
* Well, then I guess I'm your man.
-your choice
* You did make something hard, yeah...
* Alright, I'll try.
* Yeah, just needed to get my erection in a more comfortable position
* Absolutely.
-your choice
* Inside of your mouth...
* On your chest
* Inside your cat :)

* Vivian
* Da-uen and Diana
-your choice
* I attack, you defend.
* You attack, I defend.
* We both attack and both defend.

* Maya
* It was great, yeah.

-=Day 3=-
* Evelyn
Tell her about your dad and Da-euns suspicions.
* It was great.
* Sure. Souds like a good way to spend the mornig.
-your choice
* In your mouth.
* On her face.
* On her chest.

* Ayaka
* We explored each others bodies. Very thoroughly.
It was great. Wanna hear the details?

* Maya
* Yes, maybe you should find her and apologise.

* Katherine
* Not that I dislike it, but why exactly are you going there with me?

* Driver
* Thank the driver before I go.

* Katherine
* Compliment her looks.
* But, don't worry about it. In the end, I didn't mind at all.
* Try to get more information about the show.
-your choice
* Does one of the participants know more than what you told us?
* Are we safe in that house?
* Sounds great (Fool around)

-=Day 4=-
* Yoga session
* Athena and Celeste, right?

* Da-uen
* You look great, Da-uen.

* Maya
* Yeah,I like Da-uen, but i also like you, Maya.

* Ayaka
* Sure, it was fun, even though i kept losing.
* I wouldn't mind being in a cringy romance movie together.
* To be honest, she might have a point.
-your choice
* take another look. (anim. loop)
* continue
* Its fantastic, you look great, Ayaka.
* It does look very pleasant to the touch... MInd if I see for myself?
-your choice
* Sure, I'm ready
* I don't know, I have bad feeling about this...
* I just have a great teacher.
* I'd loved to tag a long if you don't mind.
-your choice
* Yeah, sure.
* Nah,just kidding, I'm also too full to move.

-your choice
* Being naked in front of Ayaka excites me.
* I don't feel anything in particular, just focus on what Im doing.

-your choice
* You look really good. Like, really good.
* Of course you don't look stupid.
* Alright, lets both take the towels off.

* continue

-your choice
* No complaints from me either.
* It's a bit awkward, isn't it?
* Only relax? (Fool around)

* Which photo is my favorite?
-your choice
* Vivian and Maya (Top left)
* Evelyn and Diana. (lower left / my choice)
* Richard and Da-uen.(top right)

* Maya
* Sure, come on in.

* And that it, for now save.

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