Vivid/Stasis Cheat Codes

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Vivid/Stasis Cheat Codes
Nom du fichier : Vivid/Stasis Cheat Codes - Auteur : DAV - [PC]

Vivid/Stasis Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to earn money in the game:
Written by Lush Produce

So you might have noticed the "p" it is money.

So far you can spend it in the songs shop, or the nodes in story.
Well from my time in game, I have spent on this. The better you do
in game with charts. You earn a higher score and earnings, So just
get better. At the time of posting I have little in game time, But
I have experience. Also I am bad at grammar also this is my first
steam guide. So yeah just get good scores and do your best in the
charts to earn a higher overall rating, score, and p.

Story Mode Guide:
Written by Funguy161

The unlock conditions + passwords in one neat little spot.
Spoiler warning, obviously.

-=Chapter 1=-
* Requirements:
In order to progress past episode 6, certain requirements have to
be met in Rhythm Play first. The requirements are different depending
on what difficulty you're playing on.

(Note: Only chapter 1 songs count towards these)

* Opening: Get A rank or better and 200+ combo on 3 different songs
on Opening difficulty
* Middle: Get AA rank or better and 350+ combo on 4 different songs
on Middle difficulty
* Finale: Get S rank or better and 500+ combo on 5 different songs
on Finale difficulty
* Encore: Get SS rank or better and 750+ combo on 5 different songs
on Finale difficulty

After that's done, there are two passwords you have to put in to actually
start the stage:

* First password is UNIFORM011
* Second password is RECRUDESCENT

(you can technically put these in whenever, but the game won't accept them
until the previous requirements are done)

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