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Eastward Cheat Codes
Nom du fichier : Eastward Cheat Codes - Auteur : DAV - [PC]

Eastward Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Recipe List:
Written by Celeste

Complete guide to all 35 recipes in Eastward! Cooking all the recipes
will earn the player the achievement “Five Star Chef” and help progress
the achievement “Fat and Happy.”

-=Ingredient Categories=-
There are five categories of ingredients. The categories are dairy
and eggs, meats, seafood, vegetables, and fruits.

Listed below are the ingredients in each category:
* Dairy and Eggs: Cheese, Milk, Egg, Tofu
* Meat: Ham, Pork Belly, Chicken, Ribs
* Seafood: Clam, Octopus, Lobster, Crab, Fish
* Vegetables: Carrot, Daikon, Lettuce, Mushroom, Tomato, Pumpkin,
Eggplant, Onion, Potato, Nappa Cabbage
* Fruit: Sandrupe, Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Pineapple

-=Recipe List=-
* Vegetable Stir Fry: Vegetable + Vegetable + Vegetable
(with the exception of Potato + Potato + Potato)

* Pork Chops: Vegetable + Vegetable + Meat
(with the exception of Tomato + Lettuce + Ribs) OR Vegetable + Meat + Meat

* Fish Sandwich: Vegetable + Vegetable + Seafood OR Vegetable + Seafood
+ Seafood

* Fruit Salad: Vegetable + Vegetable + Fruit OR Vegetable + Fruit + Fruit

* Veggie Egg Stir Fry: Vegetable + Vegetable + Dairy and Eggs
(with the exception of Pumpkin + Onion + Milk) OR Vegetable + Dairy and Eggs
+ Dairy and Eggs

* Hot Pot: Vegetable + Meat + Seafood

* Fruity Meat Stew: Vegetable + Meat + Fruit

* Meat Zongzi: Vegetable + Meat + Dairy and Eggs
(with the exception of Mushroom + Ham + Milk and Tomato + Pork Belly + Cheese)

* Drupe-Friend Rice: Vegetable + Seafood + Fruit

* Seafood Ramen: Vegetable + Seafood + Dairy and Eggs
(with the exception of Onion + Octopus + Egg)

* Cold Noodles: Vegetable + Fruit + Dairy and Eggs

* Red Braised Pork Belly: Meat + Meat + Meat

* Dumplings: Meat + Meat + Seafood OR Meat + Seafood + Seafood

* Sweet and Sour Pork: Meat + Meat + Fruit OR Meat + Fruit + Fruit

* Oyakodon: Meat + Meat + Dairy and Eggs OR Meat + Dairy and Eggs + Dairy
and Eggs

* Burger Set: Meat + Seafood + Fruit

* Sushi Platter: Meat + Seafood + Dairy and Eggs
(with the exception of Chicken + Lobster +Egg)

* Pizza: Meat + Fruit + Dairy and Eggs

* Seafood Skewers: Seafood + Seafood + Seafood
(with the exception of Crab + Crab + Crab)

* Steamed Fish: Seafood + Seafood + Fruit OR Seafood + Fruit + Fruit

* Seafood Chowder: Seafood + Seafood + Dairy and Eggs OR Seafood + Dairy
and Eggs + Dairy and Eggs (with the exception of Crab+ Tofu +Egg)

* Seafood Tempura: Seafood + Fruit + Dairy and Eggs

* Fruit Pie: Fruit + Fruit + Fruit
(with the exception of Sandrupe + Sandrupe + Sandrupe)

* Cake: Fruit + Fruit + Dairy and Eggs OR Fruit + Dairy and Eggs + Dairy and Eggs

* Steamed Eggs: Dairy and Eggs + Dairy and Eggs + Dairy and Eggs

* Sandrupe Pasta: Sandrupe + Sandrupe + Sandrupe

* Fries: Potato + Potato + Potato

* Pumpkin Soup: Milk + Pumpkin + Onion

* Mushroom Pasta: Ham + Milk + Mushroom

* Big Dam Crab Pot: Crab + Crab + Crab

* Diet Set: Chicken + Egg + Lobster

* Crab Roe Tofu: Crab + Tofu + Egg

* Lasagna: Tomato + Cheese + Pork Belly

* Takoyaki: Egg + Octopus + Onion

* Taco: Ribs + Tomato + Lettuce

Salt Bug farm + hidden treasure:
Written by LynuhLynie

I found an easy way to get Salt from a Salt bug! Also involves a hidden treasure.

-=Location of the Salt Bug=-
* The salt bug is at the cemetery north east of the "big" station.
* It is on a tree at the top right corner of the map by the cave.

-=The Cave=-

* In order to open this cave you will need to use a bomb in front of it (it will
be covered with rocks). Be warned there will be a fight once you enter it for
the first time.
* There is a hidden treasure inside that you will be able to get once you defeat
all the enemies.

1.Use Sams first attack on the bug ( you should be able to get 70 Salt each
time you use 100% of her energy)
2.once shes out of energy switch back to John and use his pan to defeat the 3
enemies in the map. This will give you time to recover Sams energy.
3.Enter the cave and wait till Sams energy is filled (if its not yet) then
repeat step 1.

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Mise à jour : 2023.03.11

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