The Morrigan Cheat Codes

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The Morrigan Cheat Codes
Nom du fichier : The Morrigan Cheat Codes - Auteur : DAV - [PC]

The Morrigan Cheat Codes

Submitted by: David K.

Basic Walkthrough:
Written by Tyranocif

This is a short walkthrough of the Morrigan VR game. Being my first
VR game I ever played, I love this game and its puzzles! I play strictly
on normal difficulty.

-=LVL 1 – The Beginning
This level is as straight-forward as it gets. No enemies whatsoever. Once
you arrive outside, go up the stairs to your right and open the door.
You should arrive in this room.

Secret: Grab the nearby torch and use it to light the rustic black stove.

-=LVL 2 – The Tomb
After that tutorial dungeon level, now the real game begins. You will
encounter your first armed combat and your first unarmed ambush.
Take a note out of the Zelda games and smash pots for coins!

At the end of these chambers is a vine wall to climb. Ensure you’re ready
however because three battles await you – two, then three, then four
skeletons! Once they finish attacking you, grab their dropped coins and
head toward the right where that glowing circular barrier was to proceed.

Next is a series of gates and four key slots. Check the side corridors for
two pairs of rooms. You will find your needed keys: one beneath a book on
a table, one hanging on a wall fountain, and two in skeleton’s mouths.
Beware, however – the room closest to the keyhole array does not appreciate
you stealing his key and will attack you!

Once the four gates open, trek down the stairs into a small and tall chamber
only to be attacked by two waves: first a pair of skeletons, second yet more
armed skeletons, and a pair of flying flaming skulls! These foes shall tackle
you, thrust your sword into them to break them as they’re quite fragile.

This is the last section of this dungeon. Grab the torch and open the left
door first. Light the brazier here, then follow my words carefully. Close
the right door behind you, light the brazier in this right room, then drop
your torch. In here you will see a shield – grab it, you will need it.

Secret: you may hear the familiar sound of a spear trap. Slowly move
through the hung drapery and earn great loot!

Open the door and turn right to do battle with a great weapon wielding
undead! His strikes are strong and your shield is breakable, but surely
you shall prevail.

-=LVL 3 – The Church
The previous section of this guide was heavy so I am going to change its
design to be less so. A pro-tip is that teleporting ahead with your lob
blue flash lets you bypass traps and hazards.
For the purpose of this guide I will call it jumping.

Arriving in the church you have combat with warriors and an archer, dispatch
them and notice there are two doors both left and right along the entrance
wall of the church. We will initially turn left. Check your corners and don’t
be afraid to explore rooms for healing food items to store or consume.
Eventually you will enter an asymmetrical long room with a vertical spinning
spike trap. You can lure the unarmed undead toward it for an easy kill while
dispatching the two armed undead. Beware the closer door – there is a ceiling
trap! You must jump across it to avoid its deadly crushing, but before you do…

Secret: Open the further door and find a bottomless pit with a vine wall by
the door. Climb the vines across and press the red wall button, jump down
and claim your prize.

Arriving high up you will find empty braziers near iron bar elevators and
torch sconces. Lift the torch from its sconce and light the brazier, quickly
dropping it for a sword or shield because the elevator lowers you to newly
appeared enemies in the church floor!

The right church door dungeon segment is easy – watch your corners and jump
past spike traps. Once you light both braziers and descend both elevators,
you will be attacked by a pair of undead warriors from the opened next
section – a puzzle room!

Claim the three unique talismans and match them to the altar. Take caution as
stirring a talisman may stir the unarmed undead that currently sits still!
You can choose to slay all of them if you want to test your reaction time,
your choice. After solving the puzzle you end the level to proceed to the next.

-=LVL 4 – The Garden
If you’re getting bored of using your sword, then try unlocking new weapons
in the arena. This level is a maze, but surprisingly straightforward if you
follow new walls as they open. A pro-tip is if you don’t have a lit torch or
can’t find a torch, then light your fire at the starting bonfire or light an
arrow and shoot it above the unlit braziers to light them.

Drop your torch after lighting 4 torches. Proceed until you find your third
pair of unlit braziers by a Morrigan statue. Once you light this pair, all
of the unarmed undead will arise and shamble towards you!

Secret: Before walking toward the blue lantern hung by the next section
entrance, turn left and return to the fountain. Pick up the skull sat on
its edge and look around.

You will arrive outside of a chapel surrounding a graveyard. You’re in for
quite the fight – many armed warrior undead and another pair of flying
flaming skulls! Press onward once the magical barrier fades and unlock your
first unbreakable shield – the kite shield. Fun fact you can grab its blue
shape and equip it now!

-=LVL 5 – The Bridge
You won’t need the bow at this level. A pro-tip that took me a while to learn
is that if you reach a hand behind your back, you can dis/arm your hand items
in your top two slots without opening your inventory. So say you wanted to
switch between sword and bow, you could do so instantly.

Walk across the bridge before another magical barrier appears. You are ambushed
from behind by armed warrior undead and . . you guessed it . . a pair of flying
flaming skulls. I bought that thin, rib-sticker fencing sword outside of the
hub in the marketplace just to poke these floating annoyances easier.

Skulk about the tight corridors, checking your corners, and poking anything that
comes in your way. You will eventually find vines that lead to a lit room downward,
the next section.

Secret: rather than climbing downward right away, climb upward and look around.

I told ya – you didn’t need to bring your bow to this level because the game gives
you one during this section. If you haven’t mastered controls yet, you must use
your off-hand to: tap your controller trigger to draw an arrow from the quiver at
your hip, nock the arrow to your bow, pull back on the bowstring, then press the
trigger to fire. You skulk around, jump across the broken stone, and light your
arrows on fire to shoot at empty braziers. The two at the far end above the
portcullis must be lit to end this level.

-=LVL 6 – The Ramparts
Normally they say don’t look down, but I say don’t look up! A pro-tip is to look
for vines that glow to climb. Could’ve known that in the garden huh? :^)

Climb the stairs along the walls until you see a button in the window. Follow the
wall to its door to press it and advance.

Secret: Once you move past the button and onto the next section, IGNORE the undead
archer. Directly to your left of the door-frame is a vine leading downwards. Descend
it and claim your coin along with free swords and a bone shield.

The next section once you reach outside can go on forever if you aren’t careful.
Rush to the nearest catapult and pull the lever. Then you may notice the opposing
catapult launching enemies at you. Slay them quickly, pick up their heads, place 3
in your catapult, then pull the lever. This is the best moment so far to learn how
to quick-draw in and out of your inventory. Shield in one hand, sheathe your weapon
by holding it behind your back and pressing the trigger (wait for your hand to rumble)
so you can quickly switch between undead warrior skulls and your weapon. Once you’ve
done it, climb on down and advance further in.

-=LVL 7 – The Gates
I advise using the newly unlocked axe for this level. A pro-tip is you can press the
trigger and menu buttons on your controller simultaneously to take a screenshot. Not
much, but you’re becoming a pro as we go on so you may not need any more tips.

This level is pretty straightforward up to a certain point, as it’s composed of two
chambers: the golem and after the golem. Make your way to the left-side elevator,
fight your way through the undead, and poke the Morrigan’s ravens with your weapon
to send their life force down to the teleport in the room’s center at ground level.

This golem battle is a true boss battle, but it’s easy to defeat once you understand
how it works. Swing your axe slow and hard, deliberately maximizing damage output
per swing, and occasionally jump out away from under it or else you’ll get squished.
Once both heels are hit enough to flash green sparks, they will kneel forward and
slowly recover unless you finish it off. Climb the vines on its shoulders up to
behind its head and bash in its weak point and the golem will crumble.

Congratulations – you’re halfway through the Morrigan campaign and on your way to
rescue heroism! Go down the elevator and confront the shambling unarmed undead all
around you, then take time to relax. You’ve earned it.

Secret: Opposite of the bonfire room, press the red button on the far wall.

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