Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt Cheat Codes

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Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt Cheat Codes
Nom du fichier : Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt Cheat Codes - Auteur : DAV - [PC]

Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt Cheat Codes

Submitted by: David K.

Out of the frying pan Achievement Guide:
Written by Amaryllis

This guide will be showing the steps on how to obtain and unlock the
"Out of the frying pan" achievement. If you’re having some trouble
obtaining this Townsmen achievement, this guide is the answer!

-=Prestige Points, Speed, and Trading=-
Those are the main requirements for a smooth win.

* When you begin this campaign, people are moody and unhappy and there are
quite a lot of things they need in order to not leave you.
* Here is where the magic comes in ~INSTANT BUILD~. You only need prestige
points and you can skip all resources build-up, not to mention workers.
You won’t have enough prestige points for every building, but here is what
you can do: do the buildings that are required to complete a quest. Quests
bring in prestige. Use the instant build for those.
* You have to move fast in order to provide the buildings in time.
Unfortunately, there is no pause button.

See the below steps I used in order to complete this campaign.

-=Starting Points=-
* Buy from the Trader what the Guild Towers need and they do not have (Ex.
Sausages and Brews). It is very important to have a good defense because
those bandits will keep coming and they can steal your gold. Sell what you
have in excess (Ex. Iron ore and Leather).
* Lower the taxes.

-=The Order of Buildings=-
You can do it however you like, but keep in mind to build the quests’ building
with Instant Build. Thankfully, as I kept completing the quests I got enough
Prestige for other buildings as well.

Here is the order I did and on what I used Prestige points:

* Joggler Camp (Instant build). Done it first in order to raise happiness
quickly. It is also a quest building since it serves as Entertainment.
* Sausages Buildings (Pig farm and Butcher. Instant Builds). Quest.
* Brew Buildings (Instant Builds). Quest.
* Large Cityhouse (Instant Build). I needed workers.
* Sheep Farm (Instant Build). On the big farm, I had one worker set on Wheat
and the other on Wool.
* Well (Instant Build). Water will be needed after building all those farms.

Keep in Mind:
* You cannot build it all at once. Instant building requires Prestige and
you need to gather the points via quests.
* Buy Sausages and Brew from the Trader, to not wait until you make the
production buildings.
* If you need food, buying fish is a lifesaver.
* Remember to sell things too.
* I took the workers from the Sawmill and Carpenter Shop because I wanted
to have extra guards in the Guard Towers.
* I build the instant buildings in the range of Guard Towers.
It saves you from headaches.
* The only building which I did not use Instant Build was the Wood gathering

I attacked the Bandit Camp with 3 guards and won.

Hope this guide will make it easier to complete the campaign.
The key is basically Instant Build when you start.

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