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Jump Force Cheat Codes - PC

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Jump Force Cheat Codes - PC
Nom du fichier : Jump Force Cheat Codes - Auteur : DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* When You Aren’t Doing Anything, Block. This is perhaps the most basic
fighting game tip of them all, but it’s easy to forget stuff like this
among the energy blasts and flashy super moves. If you aren’t doing
anything else, block. It will prevent you from taking damage from most
of your opponent’s attacks. In fact, it will negate everything but throws
and smash attacks, yes even the flashiest of energy blasts. In fact, if
your opponent whiffs one of these massive moves at you, that is your
chance you get in a major punish.

* Don’t Forget Your Assists. Assists are very, very good in this game.
They come out instantly and immediately start attacking and can deal
immense damage or keep your opponent on block. Offensive, defensive,
really doesn’t matter, milk your assists for all they are worth.

* Patience is key. Because a team of fighters share all the same
resources and health bars in Jump Force, the team-based gameplay isn’t
necessarily about managing multiple health and energy bars. That changes
the way you have to play the game. Instead of going all out with flurries
of attacks that have the potential to leave you open, sit back and be
patient. See what your opponent is doing and try to react to their
actions. You don’t always want to use a passive play style, but beginners
especially would benefit from working on well-timed counter attacks
instead of trying to button mash their way to victory.

* Use your awakening to turn the fight around. It’s a little bit hard
to see, but there’s a thin bar surrounding your character’s portrait.
This is your Awakening meter. It’ll fill up over the course of the match
as you take damage and land attacks, and it’ll turn red once ready. You
can press R3 (click the right analog stick in) to activate your Awakening,
giving you more powerful attacks and higher damage numbers. You can
activate it as soon as you reach 50%, and if you wait until you’re at
100%, some characters will even transform to something else entirely and
let off a huge attack.

* Get comfortable with your picks. There’s most definitely nothing wrong
with picking new characters on the fly, but the chances of you winning
do decrease. It isn’t rocket science, but experience, that gives me
confidence in saying that ‘hey, practice makes perfect. For example,
some characters are simply slower than others. Depending on who you are
and your playstyle, you may not want to play as someone’s who fast, but
someone who can pack a punch. But how are you supposed to know who that
is if you’ve not practiced with them?

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