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Cities In Motion Cheat Codes - PC

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Cities In Motion Cheat Codes - PC
Nom du fichier : Cities In Motion Cheat Codes - Auteur : ANO - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; it is recommended that you create a backup copy of the file before attempting. Open a text editor to edit the "config.script" file in the "/My Documents/Cities in Motion/" directory. Then, change the line $debug = false; to $debug = true; and add the following line at the end:

$disableDebug = false;

Then, activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding keys during gameplay:

Skip day - [F1]
Force objectives completion - [F2]
+10,000 money - [F3]
Skip passengers in objectives - [F4]
Open console
Steam achievements:
A Complete Collection - Own one of each vehicle available in the game.
A Lengthy Line - Build a line covering 40% of any city.
Amsterdam Aid - Complete all Amsterdam tasks.
Amsterdam Sightseeing - Have a working line going to Koninklijk Huis.
Berlin Sightseeing - Have a working line going to Brandenburg Gate.
Bested Berlin - Complete all Berlin tasks.
Bottom Feeder - Have 0% reputation.
Bus it up! - Build 5 bus lines on the same map.
Bus-a-holic - Build 20 bus lines on the same map.
Chop-Chop-Choppa! - Build 10 helicopter lines on the same map.
Don't drown in Debt! - Pay 10,000 debt with monthly payments.
Drawing Lines - Build 2 lines of any type.
Feed the Line - Have a metro line with other vehicles bringing passengers to each station.
Fly away! Or to the Mall - Transport 500 passengers to any Shopping Mall using only helicopters.
For Miles and Miles! - Build a line that is at least 10 kilometers long.
Four corners of the Earth - Connect Tempelhof, Alexanderplatz, Schloss Charlottenburg and Potsdamer Platz.
From Above! - Build 4 helicopter lines on the same map.
Going Steady - Earn 500 profit for three months in a row.
Good Coverage - Have 10% coverage of any city.
Got it Covered - Have 100% coverage of any city.
Guardian Angel - Complete 70 petitions.
Helsinki Helper - Complete all Helsinki tasks.
Helsinki Sightseeing - Have a working line going to the House of Parliament.
High Income - Earn 1500 profit for one month.
Honored Citizen - Achieve a reputation of 100%.
Hopping Vehicles - Have one passenger use all different vehicle types in a single journey.
I have a Tram - Build 5 tram lines on the same map.
I know my way around - 3 hours played.
It's Underway! - Build 4 metro lines on the same map.
Line Manager - Build 10 lines on the same map.
Master of the Lines - Build 50 lines on the same map.
Master of the Seas - Build 10 water bus lines on the same map.
Metro Master - Build 10 metro lines on the same map.
Not so deep in Debt - Pay 20,000 debt with monthly payments.
On a Floaty! - Build 4 water bus lines on the same map.
Overly Optimized - Transport 1000 passengers in one year using 5 vehicles or fewer.
Pleasing the Customers - Have advertisement campaigns targeting all social groups running at the same time.
Plenty of Pennies - Collect 15,000 money.
Rolling in Cash - Collect 100,000 money.
Silver Lining - Build 30 lines on the same map.
The Playah - 20 hours played.
Trams Galore - Build 20 tram lines on the same map.
Transport Tycoon - Transport 10,000 passengers.
Veteran of Vienna - Complete all Vienna tasks.
Vienna Sightseeing - Have a working line going to Hofburg Palace.
Well Established - Have 70% reputation.

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