Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity - Nintendo Switch

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Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity - Nintendo Switch
Nom du fichier : Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity - Nintendo Switch - Auteur : ANO - [NINTENDO]

Easy Fusion EXP
Some weapons contain a Fusion Material EXP seal. This seal causes you to earn +150% Fusion EXP when fusing at the Blacksmith. Use the following tricks to quickly earn more Fusion EXP.
If you have a weapon with the Fusion Material EXP seal, instead of wasting it, you can make it into your primary weapon. This means you will be fusing low tier weapons into your weapon with Fusion Material EXP —- you will still get the +150% EXP bonus for every fuse, but you will not lose the weapon.
If you have more than one Fusion Material EXP weapon, you can combine the two together for a large bonus. Before doing this, you can level up the second Fusion Material EXP weapon. Thus, fuse 10-20 weapons, earn +150% EXP, then fuse with your primary weapon (which also has the Fusion Material EXP seal) to get a large bonus. The more you exploit the Fusion Material EXP weapons, the more you can quickly level up your weapons. By combining the power of two EXP+ seal weapons, you can basically get 50% more EXP out of everything in your inventory.

Easy rupees
As you progress through Hyrule, you will unlock many different vendors. Each vendor sells specific types of items —- and they do not always appear. Each vendor will pay x2.5 more rupees when selling them items matching their specialty. Thus, always check your vendors to see if you can get some easy extra rupees.

Easy weapons and rupees
Rupees are important for leveling up characters in the post-game, and more importantly for fusing weapons. As you progress, fusions becomes more expensive. Play one of the following levels to get easy money and weapons. Note: It is recommended to set the difficulty to Easy (difficulty does not effect weapon or rupee drops) while farming so the process is quicker.
Hair Width Trial: Beginner (Lvl. 15)
This is a mission you can start farming very early for rupees. It only takes 30 seconds to complete on Easy and you get 700 rupees per run.
Siege Of Fort Hateno (Lvl. 78)
This is a late game challenge that allows you to bring four heroes. Clear everything on the map on Easy to get approximately 7 weapons per hero (28 weapons per run).
Blood Moon missions
Progress through the story to unlock the Blood Moon missions. These are some of the best for farming in the game. They take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and you will earn weapons and lots of loot you can sell to vendors. Make sure to clear everything on the map, and sell the Bokoblin Guts. Any materials you earn in this level can be sold to the Rito Guardian vendor for x2 value. This vendor buys all meat for double. Note: For more efficient farming, make sure to cook recipes to give yourself +Material Drop Rate, +Rare Material Drop Rate, +Rupees, etc.
Challenge mission (Lvl. 80)
This is one of the highest level missions in the game. It is also the best for high-value monster materials. This Challenge mission puts you against Talus (x2), Hinox, Guardian, and a Lynel. They are all buffed with Malice -- so use Link's Master Sword to inflict extra damage. This mission gives 900 rupees and approximately 5 weapons for Link.

Recommended character
After unlocking all the champions, you need to do a mission to save the Lost Forest and unlock the giant Korok Champion Hestu as a playable character. They may not seem good, but they are unstoppable with the right combo.
Rock Bomber ability: Press Y, Y, Y, X to launch a bomber attack. Press ZR to summon Korok Helpers, then press Y, Y, Y, X. This attack launches Koroks into the air where they drop rocks on enemies like bombers. Eventually, you can unlock a follow-up that will order the Koroks to bombard the targeted area, causing huge damage and instantly draining the weakness meter.
By summoning Korok Helpers with ZR, you will cause more damage and can target specific enemies with a poweful follow-up by pressing X again. To quickly drain the enemy HP bars, use this simple combo.
Hestu's Powerful combo: Press ZR to summon Koroks. Press X to throw rocks. Press Y, Y, Y, X for the rock bomber attack. Press X while the bombers are mid-air to specifically target the area in front of Hestu. Pressing ZR gives you more Koroks to inflict additional damage, but it is not required. You can launch a rock bomber attack without any Koroks —- some get summoned during your attack.
Get an enemy stuck in a corner, and all the Koroks will fly directly above the enemy, hitting them with all the Korok bombers. This attack may be one of the most damaging in the game. Hestu also has additional advantages. Hestu uses maracas as a weapon that deal area-of-effect damage with each rattle. Hestu summons friends that amplify all of their strong attacks —- and amplify their Sheikah Slate attacks.

Hints, tips, and tricks
All weapons have two secret seals: It is important to unlock the Blacksmith in Hyrule because this service gives you the ability to fuse weapons. For a small fee, you can combine multiple weapons to level up one —- and leveling up a weapon to its max level will unlock two secret weapon seals. These upgrades tend to be pretty powerful -- so if you are throwing away weapons, it is recommended to upgrade —- especially with the Master Sword. You may get a seal that heals you as you damage enemies.
Unlock more weapon slots with Korok Seeds: In Chapter 3, there will be a mission to liberate the Lost Woods and acquire the Hestu hero. You will also unlock special side-jobs you can complete to unlock additional weapon slots for all characters. If you are hitting under the 20 weapon limit, just remember you will be able to upgrade often. Just keep an eye out for Korok Seeds, which are required to upgrade the inventory slots. This special collectible is found all over each level map —- look for wind-wheels, marked tree stumps, or floating balloons. Anything that looks suspicious is likely a Korok Seeds hiding place.
Most powerful weapon: Keep the Master Sword when you unlock it. The Master Sword is considered a "Tier 3" weapon -- so it will increase in strength +2 instead of +1 when leveling up. It is the earliest Tier 3 weapon you will find by far -- so start upgrading it early for a very powerful one-handed weapon.
Remove and replace seals with seal remover: Successfully complete the "Daily Drill" quests. As you progress through the story, you will eventually unlock "Daily Drill: Gerudo", which gives access to the Seal Remover service. This allows you to remove and further customize your weapons with new seals.
Use alternate methods to trigger WPG (Weak Point Gauge): Large enemies and bosses use attacks with specific counts —- Remote Bombs blast through shields, Stasis stops spinning attacks, and Cryonis blocks chargers. However, every large enemy also has an alternate counter you can trigger at any time. Moblins can be put into a WPG (Weak Point Gauge) state by targeting their heads —- attack them while you are in mid-air. Stone Talus can be wrecked by using bombs to destroy both arms. Use Link's arrows to aim at Hinnox's eye to immediately stun it. Always look for extra ways to weaken the large bosses.

Move mini guardian at loading screen
While a stage is loading, there are characters walking on the upper half of the screen. To move the mini guardian, press L and R to move left or right and B to jump.

Cucco Easter Egg
Link will very rarely glide into battle on a Cucco instead of his glider. This only happens with Link, and only during the cutscene where the Hero of Hyrule departs for a mission. In previous Legend Of Zelda games, Link could use Cuccos as mini-gliders when jumping off ledges.

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