Little Dragon's Cafe - Nintendo Switch

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Little Dragon's Cafe - Nintendo Switch
Nom du fichier : Little Dragon's Cafe - Nintendo Switch - Auteur : ANO - [NINTENDO]

Better Quality Food
You can get better ingredients to improve your food quality by fertilising with dragon manure. Practicing the rhythm game involved in cooking repeatedly is another way to improve your food, the more 'Excellents' you get the better the food you will make. You will discover that several dishes use the same 'songs' and tempos so if you get good at one dish you may be able to transfer those skills to another.

Collect Recipes
Make sure during the early stages of the game you focus on collecting recipes as you will need to be able to cook certain ones in order to progress in the game. Search all around the outside of your house as soon as you can and when the path down the road opens up head out and explore everywhere for recipes. You will find that most of the recipes you require early can be found on the edge of the road.

Don't Neglect your Cafe
Although your foremost priority is to search for recipes it is also important that you don't neglect your cafe. You need to make sure you manage and motivate your staff to ensure everything runs smoothly, this will include if necessary returning to the cafe from your exploration to help with the lunch rush. Tending to your cafe in this manner will reward you with recipes from regulars and if you talk to them before they leave there is the possibility some of them will give you free ingredients.

Feed your Dragon
As well as raising your dragons stamina by petting it you can make it change it's colour by feeding it certain food as it grows and evolves. The following are some early game food that you can feed your dragon to change it's colour.

Red Dragon
Steak Bowls

Blue Dragon
Fried Fish

Green Dragon
Bagna Cuda

As your dragon grows you will be able to use it's abilities to help you explore new areas in different ways. For instance when the dragon is small it will be able to crawl into holes and when it is big it will be able to use it's size to remove obstacles for you.

During the early stages of the game it is not necessary to venture too far out to collect basic ingredients as your garden and fish nursery will provide you with much of what you need.

Missing Recipes
When you find that the story is not progressing it will more than likely be because you're missing a recipe. To determine what the missing recipe is you first need to make sure every recipe you own has been made and added to the menu. If you still can't figure out what the missing recipe is you then need to talk to all the staff and customers in and around the cafe. Finally, if that doesn't work you will need to head out to explore the most recent area that opened, and make sure you're using your dragon.

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