Bloons TD 6 - Android

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Bloons TD 6 - Android
Nom du fichier : Bloons TD 6 - Android - Auteur : ANO - [ANDROID]

Beat each map 100% on Hard
Monkey Meadow
Monkeys you will need to unlock (just by playing) for this guide.

Obyn Greenfoot
Sniper Monkey
Ninja Monkey
Wizard Monkey
Monkey Village

Phase 1: (0-49)
Place Ninja Monkey on the lefthand side of the first bend (you will lose some hp on first round)
Buy ninja Discipline first then sharp shuriken
Buy Alchemist and place him on the opposite side of the track, parallel to the ninja monkey. (inside the bend)
Buy sniper monkey and place him under some trees to chill. (set him on strong first)
Upgrade the alchemist up to acidic mixture drip and perishing potions.
Upgrade ninja up to caltrops
Upgrade Sniper up to even faster firing and full metal jacket.
Get double shot on the ninja
Get Large calibur on the sniper
Get bloon jutsu on the ninja
Get deadly precision on the sniper
Go up to stronger stimulant on the alchemist
Get Main MOAB on the sniper

Phase 2
Buy monkey village and upgrade up to Jungle drums and monkey intelligence bureau. The village should be placed on the right hand side of the alchemist, when upgraded should affect both alchemist and ninja monkey. (just realised i forgot about obyron for phase 1 just place him right under the alchemist on the other side of the road. Goes to show how op ninja monkey and alchemists are.)

Place 5 wizard monkeys in range of both the alchemist and monkey village.
Slowly upgrade them towards necromancer: unstoppable army and wall of fire.
At this point you can basically afk. Dump any money you want into the hero. If you're feeling insecure you can spam Obyns abilities whenever they're up. That concludes monkey meadow. Stay tuned for the other maps.

Tree Stump
Before we begin I just want to note that I have bought elite military training and ceramic shock with monkey knowledge.Will only cost you 2 points and you should have that much by now.

Phase 1
Place ninja monkey on the opposite left hand side of the fallen tree branch nearest to the bloon entrance this should place him adjacent to 3 roads and have access to loop around the major tree stump.
Buy sniper monkey and place him on the high ground tree stump furthest to an edge as you can. Set it on strongest first.
Upgrade ninja monkey bloon jutsu and caltrops
Upgrade fullmetal jacket before round 28. Then upgrade towards even faster firing and large calibre.
Buy alchemist and place him in front of ninja. Upgrade him to perishing potions and stronger stimulant
Get deadly precision for sniper then maim moab.

Phase 2
Get obyn and place him on the lefthand side inbetween alchemist and ninja.
Puchase monkey village and place below obyn and ninja. upgrade to monkey intelligence then after round 59 upgrade to jungle drums.
Buy two wizard monkeys and place them in range of monkey village and alchemist. Upgrade them both to arcane spike and wall of fire.

Phase 3
Buy one more wizard monkey and place it on the top of the tree stump in range of monkey village and upgrade up to necromancer and wall of fire.

Google Play Achievements

Achievement How to unlock
Abracadabmonkey Win 10 games using only Magic monkeys.
Acolyte Win games on 5 different Intermediate maps.
Advanced Player Win 1 game on an Advanced map.
BFB Brawler Destroy 10,000 BFBs.
Big Monkey Deploy a tier 4 monkey tower.
Bigger, Badder Use any Hero Level 10 Ability.
Bloons Master Beat 1 map in CHIMPS mode.
Bloonzilla! Win 25 games against Double HP MOABs.
Challenge Apprentice Win 10 Daily Challenges.
Challenge Master Win 100 Daily Challenges.
Challenger Win 1 Daily Challenge.
Decorated Hero Get all medals for all Beginner maps.
Dr. Monkey Unlock all Monkey Knowledge.
Empowered Use Powers 100 times.
Epic Hero Level any Hero to level 20.
First Monkeys First Win 10 games using only Primary monkeys.
First Win 1 Non-Tutorial Beginner map Win.
Grasshopper Wins on 9 different Beginner maps.
Hero Powers Activate Use any Hero Level 3 Ability.
Hero Time Deploy a Hero on a non-tutorial map.
Impoppable Pop 100,000,000 bloons.
Indie Win 25 games with Alternate Bloon Rounds.
Inflated Beat round 100 in Deflation mode.
Infrared Pop 250,000 Camo bloons.
Knowledgeable Primate Unlock all Monkey Knowledge in one branch.
Me Did a Job on DDT Destroy 5,000 DDTs.
Medal Winner Get all medals for a map.
Mega Monkey Deploy a tier 5 monkey tower.
MOAB Assassin Destroy 25,000 MOABs.
Monkey Avenger League Win 4 games with 4 different Heroes.
Next Level Win 1 game on an Intermediate map.
Our Powers Combined Collect at least 1 of each Power.
Perfect Week Complete all Daily Challenges in a week.
Poppable Win 25 games on Impoppable Difficulty.
Power User Use Powers 25 times.
Red and Blue Makes... Pop 100,000 Purple bloons.
Role Reverser Win a game in Reverse mode.
Sapper Pop 5,000,000 Fortified bloons.
Scholar Apply 10 Monkey Knowledge points.
Student Apply your first Monkey Knowledge point.
Super BAD Destroy 1,000 BADs.
Superior Bloons Master Beat 5 maps in CHIMPS mode.
Survivor Beat round 100 in Apopalypse mode.
Thrifty Win 10 games in Half Starting Cash mode.
Ultimate Bloons Master Beat 15 maps in CHIMPS mode.
Unsung Monkeys Win 10 games using only Support monkeys.
War Monkeys Win 10 games using only Military monkeys.
You've Got the Power Use Powers for the first time.
ZOMGinator Destroy 5,000 ZOMGs.

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