Brawl Stars - Android

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Brawl Stars - Android
Nom du fichier : Brawl Stars - Android - Auteur : ANO - [ANDROID]

Additional brawlers
You will just have Shelly as your brawlerwhen you start out. You will have to open boxes to unlock extra brawlers. These expense 100 coins or 10 gems to open. You will not constantly get a new brawlerwhen you open a box. Do not stress. The other possible rewards from boxes are just as helpful. You can get Elixirs which can be used to upgrade existing brawlers. If the box consists of a brawler that you currently have, you will also get Chips. Chips can be used to unlock rarer fighters!

Attack Strategy
Don't take on the enemies while standing on the same spot (move in circles around the enemy), because all the enemies' abilities will be directed towards you, and even with all the life regen available, you'll die... keep the enemies targeted and attack them, even while moving, because when you attack the ultimate skill will charge up more often.

Brawlers and Elixirs
If you desire to reinforce your brawler, Use Elixirs. These Elixirs, nevertheless, are hard to come by. You will have to invest them carefully or your progress will be a lot harder. Evaluate the brawlers that you presently see and have which of their qualities should be focused on. Not every brawler is the exact same so you have to have the ability to judge which to upgrade initially in regards to Health, Attack, and Super. Upgrading a brawler to max will cost you a tremendous 45 Elixirs, so focus on upgrading your favorites.

In-Game control modes
There are two control modes for making your fighters relocate game. Experiment with each mode and see which one feels more natural to you. The joystick mode will put a virtual joystick button on the screen for you to drag in the direction you desire your brawler to move. The Tap to Move mode, as the name recommends, will have you tap on the place you desire your brawler to go to. The majority of players prefer the joystick mode as it has a more instinctive feel, however the choice is still approximately you.

Join a band social option
Join a band in order to get in touch with other players. This feature enables you to talk with fellow members of your Band. It is one way to meet players that you would wish to routinely have fun with. There are presently no other advantages of joining a Band. Use this feature to exchange gameplay concepts or schedule brawls together with your pals. Now that you have actually been completely prepared, you are all set to fight with a few of the very best players from all over the world! Just keep in mind all the important things noted on our Brawl Stars technique guide and you'll undoubtedly win! In case you know other ideas or techniques, or just wish to share your ideas about the game, then do not hesitate to drop us a line!

More Brawl Slots
Even if you do not have any control over which game mode will be offered, you can increase the possibilities of seeing your favorite on the list by unlocking more brawl slots. You can do this by unlocking more brawlers. Having 3 brawlers will unlock the 2nd slot, 5 brawlers will unlock the 3rd slot, and 8 brawlers will unlock the 4th slot.

More Coins and coin boost
Coins will be your main source of new brawlers if you are a free player. When it comes to currency, this will be a hard task as the game is not so generous. Playing games, winning, and ending up being a star player rewards you with coins however the amount is greatly dependent on the result of each game. You can also purchase coin increases in order to earn more coins however the reward is also unforeseeable. As a novice, your best option at getting a great amount of coin is by ranking and upgrading up your brawlers. It would be smart to invest in the coin boost and coin doubler at the start if you choose to shell out a bit of money in Brawl Stars. This will help you acquire more coins whenever you play. Purchasing these 2 is the equivalent of costs 50 gems to purchase 1000 coins, which is a bargain if you know how hard it is to earn coins in the game.

Recover your health
Try hiding in the bushes that are further away from the enemies, or in any place that you will not get hit. That will quickly recover your health and once you're healed up, you can go right in and fight them.

Using enemies for extra gems
Try to collect the gems that pop up, if there are enemies nearby, you can let them collect the Gems first, then go right ahead and kill them to collect those gems.

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