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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 [Xbox One] - XBOXONE

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 [Xbox One] - XBOXONE

Name of the file: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 [Xbox One] - Author: ANO - [XBOXONE]

"Shadows Of Evil" Gobblegum flavors
Gobblegum is dispensed by a vending machine and provides temporary boosts. Gobblegum vending machines can be found in each of the three districts and are used by spending points. However, the machines will not work all the time and will dispense flavors randomly. Before starting a match, you can customize the Gobblegum flavors which will appear by selecing the "Gobblegum Packs" option. As you level up, you will unlock additional flavors. The available flavors and effects are as follows.

Flavor How to unlock
Aftertaste Retain perks when downed.
Alchemical Antithesis 1 ammo for every 10 points.
Always Done Swiftly Similar to quickdraw.
Danger Closest No explosive damage.
Dead Of Nuclear Winter Nuke power-up spawn.
Ephemeral Enhancement Upgrade current weapon.
Firing On All Cylinders Shoot while running.
Immolation Liquidation Fire Sale power-up spawn.
Impatient n/a.
I'm Feelin' Lucky Spawn with random power-up.
In Plain Sight No threat for 10 seconds.
Killing Time Freeze enemies for 20 seconds.
Kill Joy Spawn with Insta-Kill power-up.
Licensed Contractor Spawn with Carpenter power-up.
Lucky Crit n/a.
Now You See Me All enemies target players.
One For The Road Extra perk slot.
On The House Random perks.
Perkaholic Get all perks.
Phoenix Up Revive everyone and get perks.
Pop Shocks Melee deals electric damage.
Private Eyes Mark nearby enemies.
Respin Cycle Reroll mystery box.
Stock Option No reload.
Sword flay 5x damage on melee.
Wall Power Upgrade next weapon.
Who's Keeping Score Spawn with double-points power-up.

"Shadows Of Evil" Skip rounds
Use the following trick to advance to rounds 5, 10, or 15 without killing any zombies. When starting, you will spawn in a narrow alleyway. From this position, face the junction and look at the walkway above to find the Shadow Man. Hit the Shadow Man five times with your default weapon or any other wall weapon to advance to round 5 with some points scored. You can shoot him five more times if desired to advance to round-10, also with more points. You can shoot him five times again to advance to round 15, also with more points, however he will now be gone.

Cheat Codes
Enter the Data Vault and highlight the "S" logo that normally allows access to "Dead Ops Arcade 2". Hold LB + RB + LT + RT and press X + Y to display a hidden code entry menu. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
100 Fabrication Kits MANIFEST
Nightmare mode DREAMLAND

Dead Ops Arcade 2
Complete mission 2, "New World" in Campaign mode. You can now enter the safe house whenever desired. Use the data terminal inside the safe house and press the hidden button at the top left corner to access Dead Ops Arcade 2.

Easy "Another Side of the Story" achievement
In addition to completing the campaign, you must watch the ending credits in their entirety.

Hidden Menu in Datavault
Go to the Datavault in the Safehouse in the Single Player Campaign. In the screen where you unlock Dead Ops 2 (Top left corner in the menu) press Left Trigger, Right Trigger, X and Y to unlock a hidden Menu where you can enter Codes.

Code Effect
Dreamland Unlocks Nightmare Mode straight away.
Manifest Get 60-100 Fabrication Kits.

Multiplayer bonuses
Reach the indicated level in multi-player mode to unlock the corresponding bonus. Note: at level 1, you will already have Ruin Specialist, Outrider Specialist, Prophet Specialist, Battery Specialist, UAV Scorestreak, Hellstorm Scorestreak, Talon Scorestreak, Kuda SMG, VMP SMG, KN-44 Assault Rifle, XR-2 Assault Rifle, KRM-262 Shotgun, 205 Brecci Shotgun, BRM LMG, Dingo LMG, Locus Sniper Rifle, Drakon Sniper Rifle, MR6 Pistol, XM-53 Launcher, Frag Lethal, Concussion Tactical, Afterburner Perk 1, Sixth Sense Perk 1, Blind Eye Perk 1, Fast Hands Perk 2, Ante Up Perk 2, Hard Wired Perk 2, Gung-Ho Perk 3, Blast Suppressor Perk 3, and Awareness Perk 3.

Level Experience Bonus
2 4,000 HVK-30 Assault Rifle
3 5,100 Smoke Screen Tactical
4 5,200 Weevil SMG
5 5,800 Flak Jacket Perk 1
6 6,400 Semtex Lethal
7 n/a Gorgon SMG, Perk 1 Greed Wildcard
8 n/a Tracker Perk 2
9 n/a HC-XD Scorestreak
10 n/a Haymaker 12 Shotgun, Perk 2 Greed Wildcard
11 n/a EMP Tactical
12 n/a Care Package Scorestreak
13 n/a BlackCell Launcher, Perk 3 Greed Wildcard
14 n/a Tactical Mask Perk 3
15 n/a R.A.P.S. Scorestreak
16 n/a ICR-1 Assault Rifle, Primary Gunfighter 1 Wildcard
17 n/a Trip Mine Lethal
18 n/a Dart Scorestreak
19 n/a Vesper SMG, Overkill Wildcard
20 n/a Overclock Perk 1
21 n/a Lightning Strike Scorestreak
22 n/a Seraph Specialist, RK5 Pistol
23 n/a Trophy System Tactical
24 n/a G.I. Unit Scorestreak
25 20,800 P-06 Sniper Rifle, Secondary Gunfighter Wildcard
26 22,600 Tactician Wildcard, Cold Blooded Perk 2
27 22,400 Counter-UAV Scorestreak
28 23,200 Nomad Specialist, Man-O-War Assault Rifle, Primary Gunfighter 2 Wildcard
29 24,000 Thermite Lethal
30 24,800 Cerberus Scorestreak
31 25,600 Pharo SMG, Danger Close Wildcard,
32 26,800 Engineer Perk 3
33 28,000 Power Core Scorestreak
34 29,200 Reaper Specialist, 48 Dredge LMG, Primary Gunfighter 3 Wildcard
35 30,400 Shock Charge Tactical
36 31,600 Guardian Scorestreak
37 32,800 Argus Shotgun
38 34,000 Ghost Perk 1
39 35,000 Wraith Scorestreak
40 36,400 Spectre Specialist, Combat Knife Special
41 n/a Combat Axe Lethal
42 n/a Rolling Thunder Scorestreak
43 n/a Sheiva Assault Rifle
44 n/a Scavenger Perk 2
45 n/a Hardened Sentry Scorestreak
46 n/a Firebreak Specialist, Razorback SMG
47 n/a Flashbang Tactical
48 n/a H.A.T.R. Scorestreak
49 n/a L-CAR 9 Pistol, Cerberus Scorestreak
50 n/a Dead Silence Perk 3
51 n/a Mothership Scorestreak
52 n/a SVG-100 Sniper Rifle
53 n/a C4 Lethal
54 n/a Black Hat Tactical
55 n/a M8A7 Assault Rifle

Nightmare mode
Successfully complete the campaign.

Parasite-Seeing Achievement
When you kill five parasites while riding on the train in 'Shadows of Evil' you will get the Parasite-Seeing Achievement. The parasites are in the form of yellow flying insects that shoot at you always spawn in round five.

Secret Achievements
Complete one of the following Secret achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unock
Another Side of the Story (20 points) Complete the Campaign on any difficulty.
No One Will Believe You (50 points) Complete the Campaign on Realistic.
Packing Early (90 points) In Shadows of Evil, complete the Pack-A-Punch ritual during wave 1.
Silverback In Black (10 points) Hack the Data Vault and brace yourself for Cyber's Avengening in Dead Ops Arcade 2.
Throwing Flak (10 points) Kill 3 Talons with a single mid-air grenade detonation.

Secret Dead Ops Arcade 2 game
After completing Mission 2: New World in the campaign, you can enter the safehouse at any time. In the safehouse is a data terminal (looks like a big computer screen). Access the terminal and press the secret button in the top left corner (the blue and white logo to the left of the "Data Vault" that looks like an "S") to start Dead Ops Arcade 2. After the intro sequence finishes, you will get the "Silverback In Black" achievement.

Various Achievements
Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
As You Were (40 points) In Multiplayer, Prestige 1 time.
Beat CoP (50 points) In Shadows of Evil, summon the Civil Protector in every district in a single game.
Crackshot (35 points) In Shadows of Evil, kill a zombie from over 50m away.
Deadly Specialist (25 points) In Multiplayer, get 10 Specialist-based multi-kill Medals from any of the Specialist Weapons.
From the Shadows (25 points) In Shadows of Evil, spot the Shadowman fives times in one game.
Highly Adaptable (75 points) In Multiplayer, complete all Game Mode Challenges.
I Did It! (20 points) In Multiplayer, reach Commander (Level 55).
I'm Special (75 points) In Multiplayer, complete all Specialist Challenges.
Margwa Party (35 points) In Shadows of Evil, kill 2 Margwas in a single round.
Meat for the Grinder (50 points) In Multiplayer, complete all Boot Camp Challenges.
No Mercy (35 points) In Shadows of Evil, kill 5 crawling zombies in under 3 seconds.
Not out of GobbleGum! (50 points) In Shadows of Evil, purchase and chew every type of GobbleGum in your Pack.
Now What? (100 points) In Multiplayer, Prestige 10 times.
Parasite-Seeing (35 points) In Shadows of Evil, kill 5 Parasites while riding on the train.
Seen Some Things (75 points) In Multiplayer, complete all Career Challenges.
Sorry, we're DEAD (35 points) In Shadows of Evil, kill 10 zombies that are inside of a store in one game.
Strike! (35 points) In Shadows of Evil, use the rocket shield attack to kill at least 10 zombies in one burst.
Tactical Specialist (20 points) In Multiplayer, get 10 Medals based on Specialist Abilities.
The Beginning of the End (50 points) In Shadows of Evil, complete all Rituals.
The Spider and the Fly (25 points) In Shadows of Evil, kill 10 zombies ensnared by a Widow's Wine grenade.
Welcome to the Club (20 points) In Multiplayer, reach Sergeant (Level 10) by playing in a Public Match.

Weapon camouflage
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon camouflage.

Camouflage How to unlock
6 Speed Camo Get 65 headshots with a single weapon.
Arctic Camo Get 100 kills with a single weapon.
Ash Camo Get 10 headshots with a single weapon.
Black Ops 3 Camo Pre-order reward.
Bliss Camo Get 50 kills with a weapon with optic sights and five other attachments.
Campaign Camos (four total) Progress through the main campaign.
Contagious Camo Get 100 kills with a single weapon.
Cyborg Camo Pre-order reward from Juggernog, Hardened and Digital Deluxe Edition.
Dante Camo Get 40 headshots with a single weapon.
Diamond Camo Unlock the Gold camo for all sniper rifles
Fear Camo Get 300 kills with a single weapon.
Flectarn Camo Get 15 headshots with a single weapon.
Gold Camo Unlock all other available camos for a weapon.
Heat Stroke Camo Get 20 headshots with a single weapon.
Huntsman Camo Get 400 kills with a single weapon.
Integar Camo Get 50 headshots with a single weapon.
Jungle Camo Get 200 kills with a single weapon.
Jungle Tech Camo Get 5 headshots with a single weapon.
Multiplayer Camos (various) Progress through multi-player mode and collect them from drops or by getting kills in a specific way.
Policia Camo Get 100 headshots with a single weapon.
Red Hex Camo Get 1,000 kills with a single weapon.
Snow Job Camo Get 30 headshots with a single weapon.
Take Out Camo Hardee's or Carl's Junior promotion.
True Vet Camo Reach Prestige 1 in Black Ops 2, Ghosts or Advanced Warfare.
Weaponized 115 Camo DLC included with Juggernog, Hardened and Digital Deluxe Edition.
WMD Camo Get 600 kills with a single weapon.
Woodlums Camo Get 650 kills with a weapon.
Zombie Mode Camos (four total) Accumulate kills in Zombie mode.

Zombie Mode +5 Rounds
In Zombies the Shadowman appears at the beginning of the first round on the staircase that is directly ahead and above. For every headshot you get you will earn +1,500 points and be sent ahead five rounds.

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