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Mega Man 11 [Xbox One] - XBOXONE

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Mega Man 11 [Xbox One] - XBOXONE
Name of the file: Mega Man 11 [Xbox One] - Author: ANO - [XBOXONE]

Unlock Post-Game Hidden Shop Items:
There are some unlockable items hidden in the in-game shop that become unlocked by finishing the game's story mode to the end (this includes defeating Dr. Wily). Once you have achieved this the hidden items in the shop will become available to buy at a price of 3000 Bolts.

Awakening Chip (Infinite):
Infinite Weapon Energy for completing the game.

Cooling System (Infinite):
Infinite Double Gear Time for completing the game.

Unlock Hidden Shop Items:
There are some unlockable items hidden in the in-game shop. Instead of finding them in the levels they become unlocked by doing random tasks. These hidden items and their correspondig task are listed below.

Awakening Chip and Cooling System Infinite:
Beat Dr. Wily

Buster Plus Chip:
Fire the Mega Buster 500 times (250 on Beginner).

Capsule Catcher:
Deplete a special weapon’s energy or Rush energy 30 times.

Cooling System:
Use the Double Gear System 100 times (50 on Beginner).

Energy Balancer Neo:
Buy the Energy Balancer.

Energy Catcher:
Get 10 Game Overs/Play the game on the Beginner difficulty.

Pierce Protector:
Get killed by spikes 5 times.

Power Shield:
Take 200 points of damage in total (100 on Beginner).

Screw Catcher:
Set the system's clock so that it's Saturday.

Speed Gear Booster:
Use the Speed Gear at least 50 times (25 on Beginner).

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