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Cars [Wii] - WII

Select your platform and your letter

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Cars [Wii] - WII
Name of the file: Cars-[Wii] - Author: ANO - [WII]

All cars
Enter YAYCARS as a code to unlock all cars.

All concept art
Enter CONC3PT as a code to unlock all concept art.

All movies
Enter WATCHIT as a code to unlock all movies.

All paint jobs
Enter R4MONE as a code to unlock all paint jobs.

All races
Enter MATTL66 as a code to unlock all races.

All tracks and mini-games
Enter IF900HP as a code to unlock all tracks and mini-games.

Avoid getting lost
If you get lost in the desert, follow Mater or any other car without bumping into them and they will take you back to Radiator Springs.

Infinite boost
Enter VROOOOM as a code.

Maters Speedy Circuit and Maters Countdown cleanup
Enter TRGTEXC as a code.

Super fast start
Enter IMSPEED as a code.

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