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Spectrobes : Origins [Wii] - WII

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Spectrobes : Origins [Wii] - WII
Name of the file: Spectrobes-:-Origins-[Wii] - Author: ANO - [WII]

Card Passwords
Enter these passwords into the card input feature to gain the following

Spectrobes and items:
* Attack Mineral - 650-110-743
* Bombzar - 442-333-776
* Daidongu - 465-149-303
* Flamerax - 011-235-813
* Galaxy Blaster - 183-631-190
* Galaxy Gloves - 134-903-170
* Galaxy Sword - 679-142-964
* Gorberus - 151-422-983
* Guard Mineral - 295-128-009
* Life Mineral - 953-316-291
* Mizusar - 213-455-891
* Optoger Graphic Novel Card - 258-441-816
* Scarazook - 109-871-597
* Tekkadorax - 352-457-857
* Totegarda - 739-088-169
* Zappizor - 204-013-462
* Zuwakrid - 028-879-227

Unlockable: Metallic Leopubar and Rygazelle
You'll need a copy of Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals and a DS for this. After getting the 3rd Shard, speak with the largest member of the "three shady characters" with Jeena with you. He'll let you link to your copy of Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals for the Nintendo DS to unlock these two Spectrobes for your Incubator.

Unlockable: Metalic Ryza and Leo
Before creating a file, enter this code for metallic versions of Ryza and Leo (in your incubator) at the title screen: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A

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