Hyperdimension Neptunia PP : Producing Perfection - Vita

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Hyperdimension Neptunia PP : Producing Perfection - Vita
Name of the file: Hyperdimension Neptunia PP : Producing Perfection - Vita - Author: ANO - [VITA]

Blanc's costumes

Costume How to unlock
Another Dream View the event where the goddesses surpass MOB48.
Happy Studies View 10% of Blanc's events overall.
Lowee Elementary View Blanc's good ending.
Night Ghost View 50% of Blanc's events overall.
Vermillion Flower View Blanc's true ending.

Character Models in Viewer

Character How to unlock
Black Heart View Noire's good ending.
Compa While playing as Neptune, keep selecting the "Recording" option under the "Work" tab until an event occurs with Compa.
Green Heart View Vert's good ending.
IF While playing as Neptune, keep selecting the "Recording" option in the "Work" tab until an event occurs with IF.
Nepgear View Neptune's true ending.
Purple Heart View Neptune's good ending.
Ram View Blanc's true ending.
Rom View Blanc's true ending.
Uni View Noire's true ending.
White Heart View Blanc's good ending.

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock Vita trophy rewards.

Additionally there are twenty secret trophies.
Trophy How to unlock
Absorbed in Vert (Silver) Vert's affection has maxed out. "To think I would love something more than games...!"
An Idol's Life (Bronze) You went on your first job.
Average Heart (Silver) You've seen Noire's GOOD ending. "There are other endings to get. Just look at this list."
Birth of a CPU Duet (Bronze) Formed your first duo.
Birth of a CPU Trio (Bronze) Formed your first trio.
Blanc Snapped (Bronze) You've seen Blanc's BAD ending. "Enough. Leave me alone."
Blanc's Producer (Gold) You've mastered Blanc's route. "Thanks to you, my route has been completed. I didn't think you could pull it off. I'll consider you the second Oracle of Lowee."
CPU Candidates! (Bronze) You got pummeled by the little sister crew.
Challenger's Soul (Bronze) Put on 50 concerts.
Concert Master (Bronze) Obtained the highest ranking at a concert.
Coordinator (Bronze) Obtained all costumes and accessories.
Falling for Blanc (Silver) Blanc's affection has maxed out. "My face is red. Maybe I'm cold, or maybe I have a fever."
First Concert (Bronze) You put on your debut concert.
First Contact (Bronze) Got up-close and personal with a character.
Hotcake Idol (Bronze) Your song was ranked number one.
How are you? (Bronze) You went out to play.
Infinity Mirror ? (Bronze) Mastered all the songs.
It's okay, Neptune (Silver) You've seen Neptune's GOOD ending. "GOOD job, buddy! Now keep playing!"
Let's Go Idoling! (Bronze) You started the game! Way to go!
Love me, Noire! (Silver) Noire's affection has maxed out. "Wh-What is this foreign feeling...?"
Love-Love Nep-Nep (Silver) Neptune's affection has maxed out. "Oh man, my heart is doing backflips or something!"
Mover and Shaker (Bronze) You traveled to another nation.
Neptune's Producer (Gold) You've mastered Neptune's route. "So you think you've seen all the events, huh? But!!! A second and third hidden event...don't actually exist. You're done. Good job. Seriously, thank you!"
Noire the Dunce (Bronze) You've seen Noire's BAD ending. "This happened because you didn't listen to me!"
Noire's Producer (Gold) You've mastered Noire's route. "H-Hmph. You worked hard, so I don't mind recognizing you a little bit. But only a little bit! Don't take it the wrong way."
Number One (Bronze) You've taken a majority of the shares.
Obstacidol (Bronze) You overcame a difficult situation...
Perfection Produced! (Platinum) You got all the trophies. Nice.
Practice! (Bronze) You attended your first lesson.
Reclusive Vert (Bronze) You've seen Vert's BAD ending. "Your directions were rather uninspired."
Sadface Neptune (Bronze) You've seen Neptune's BAD ending. "Well, it is what it is. Sorry."
TRUE Lastation (Silver) You've seen Noire's TRUE ending. "Y-You have lipstick on your face!"
TRUE Leanbox (Silver) You've seen Vert's TRUE ending. "What instance shall we challenge today?"
TRUE Lowee (Silver) You've seen Blanc's TRUE ending. "I'll be waiting for your response."
TRUE Planeptune (Silver) You've seen Neptune's TRUE ending. "How was breakfast, buddy?"
Vert's Producer (Gold) You've mastered Vert's route. "You played this game so seriously that it has moved me. It was a long road for you, but are you satisfied? I look forward to seeing you again."
We Meet Again (Bronze) All the characters made an appearance.
You did fine, Blanc (Silver) You've seen Blanc's GOOD ending. "This is no more than a passing mark. Keep trying."
You pass, Vert (Silver) You've seen Vert's GOOD ending. "Well done, but keep trying!"

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Updated: 2014.10.07

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