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Name of the file: EA-SPORTS-UFC-3-[PS4] - Author: ANO - [PS4]

Striking Combos:
Triangle, L1 + Square, Circle

Cross-Lead Hook-Roundhouse Kick (Head):
Triangle, L1 + Square, L1 + Circle

Double Jab-Right Hook:
Square, Square, L1 + Triangle

Body Straight-Opp. Headkick:
L2 + Square, Triangle, L1 + X/Circle

Cross-Lead Uppercut-Cross:
Triangl, Square + X, Triangle

Body Cross-Lead Hook:
L2 + Triangle, L1 + Square

Jab-Cross-Liver Hook:
Square, Triangle, L2 + L1 + Square

Jab-Cross-Liver Hook-Lowkick:
Square, Triangle, L2 + L1 + Square, Circle

Slipping Left-Right Hook:
RS + Left, L1 + Triangle

Changing Stances (Southpaw/Orthodox):
Press RS
Easy 'Getting A Leg Up' Trophy:
To earn this trophy you need to defeat a COM on Advanced or higher in Exhibition or Tournament mode with each of the following Leg Submissions. To get these submissions easily, create two CAFs in the same weight class, with one rated 1 overall and one who is good at submissions. You can perform these moves if you set your CAF who is good at submissions to use the Sambo style but you may need to switch to the Jiu-Jitsu style to get one of the submissions. Have the two CAFs keep fighting on the Advanced difficulty or higher to easily get these submissions. You should be able to get each submission on the CAF with a 1 overall rating in a matter of seconds.
Ankle Lock:
From open guard, on top, press R3.

Flying Scissor Heel Hook:
With a Sambo fighter only, both fighters standing, sprint by pressing L3 and hold a direction, then hold L1 and press R3.

Inside Heel Hook:
With a Sambo fighter only, both fighters standing, hold L1 and press R3.

Knee Bar:
From open guard, on top, hold L1 and press R3.

Outside Heel Hook:
With a Sambo fighter only, from an Ankle Lock, press R3 to submission switch.

Toe Hold:
With a Sambo fighter only, from half guard, on top, hold L1 and press L3 + R3, or press R3 from a Kneebar to submission switch.

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