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All collectible locations
Search the indicated locations to find all 46 collectibles (Pilot Helmets). Find all collectibles to get the "Off The Beaten Path", "Collector", and "Every Nook And Cranny" achievements. You can view how many collectibles you have found at the mission selection screen. You can also pause the game at anytime to see a little collectible tracker in the bottom right. All collectibles look like glowing Pilot Helmets, and you must collect them while on foot (not in your Titan). Once you find them, they are saved instantly. You can quit out to the main menu immediately without losing any progress, and you do not have to get them again if you die. None of the collectibles are missable -- they can be collected through mission select at any time. There are eleven missions and they all contain at least one collectible.


1. The Pilot's Gauntlet - 0:05
2. BT-7274 - 0:37
3. BT-7274 - 0:53
4. Blood And Rust - 1:23
5. Blood And Rust - 2:06
6. Blood And Rust - 2:42
7. Blood And Rust - 3:07
8. Blood And Rust - 3:32
9. Blood And Rust - 4:04
10. Into The Abyss - 4:44
11. Into The Abyss - 5:20
12. Into The Abyss - 5:52
13. Into The Abyss - 6:33
14. Into The Abyss - 7:03
15. Into The Abyss - 7:28
16. Into The Abyss - 8:21
17. Into The Abyss - 8:49
18. Into The Abyss - 9:10
19. Effect And Cause - 9:36
20. Effect And Cause - 9:56
21. Effect And Cause - 10:21
22. Effect And Cause - 10:58
23. Effect And Cause - 11:35
24. Effect And Cause - 11:58
25. Effect And Cause - 12:15
26. Effect And Cause - 12:41
27. The Beacon - 12:56
28. The Beacon - 13:12
29. The Beacon - 13:54
30. The Beacon - 14:31
31. The Beacon - 14:52
32. The Beacon - 15:26
33. The Beacon - 16:01
34. The Beacon - 17:19
35. The Beacon - 17:58
36. The Beacon - 18:38
37. The Beacon - 19:14
38. Trial By Fire - 19:53
39. Trial By Fire - 20:17
40. Trial By Fire - 20:50
41. The Ark - 21:29
42. The Ark - 21:47
43. The Ark - 22:04
44. The Fold Weapon - 22:49
45. The Fold Weapon - 23:20
46. The Fold Weapon - 24:09

Banking Advice
After a round, you will earn money but also run the risk of having it stolen. Make sure to deposit it quickly, and crouch while you are in the process of depositing. It's safest to deposit small amounts of currency at a time, or to have a teammate cover you, so that you're not an easy target for your foes. You can also use your Titan for extra protection. Of course, it also pays to keep in mind that your foes will be applying the same strategies. If you can get to them before their money is secured, you can really help out your team.

Dinosaur Doll
As you are playing through the training area in Titanfall 2, look for a small dinosaur doll. Start by running down the long tunnel, until you emerge in the first open area. Head immediately left from there, toward the floating rock monument. Climb up onto it and you will find the stuffed dinosaur doll.

Ditch the Titan
Battling while riding in the huge Titan mech is a lot of fun and makes you a powerful adversary, but you're not impervious to attacks. If you take too much damage, the vehicle will explode and take you with it. Definitely pay attention to your remaining energy, and eject from the mech if it is about to explode. Now you just have to hope that no one on the opposing team shoots you down while you are makign your escape.

Easy "...Becomes The Master" and "The Student..." achievements
In the first mission, you must go through training. To place in the top three, you must beat the Gauntlet Parkour in under 33.65 seconds. This is quite challenging, and it is recommended to try this as one of the last achievements you attempt to unlock. The time is very limited. If you make a single mistake, you have to restart (pause the game and select "Retry"). This is skill dependent and could take a while. You need to practice and memorize all the moves. You must kill all 15 enemies in the parkour. If you miss one, it will add a few seconds to your time. A good loadout to use is the EPG (rocket launcher), EVA-8 Auto (shotgun), and Arc grenades. Use Arc grenades to kill groups. Always do wall dashes from one wall to the next to gain speed.

Easy "Annihilation" achievement
In Mission 9: The Fold Weapon, you will get a new Titan with a minigun. It has the "Smart Core" ability, which automatically targets enemies. It also shows you the amount of enemies in the current area. After fighting a bunch of Titans, you will go through a tunnel with 30+ enemies. Wait for them to group up, then use Smart Core to easily get 25+ kills in 2 seconds and the "Annihilation" achievement. Just stay at the opposite end of the tunnel so all enemies are in your line of sight. If you fail, You can restart the checkpoint to try again.

Easy "Close Shave" achievement
In Mission 3: Blood And Rust, there are two friendly Titans at the start of the mission. They are Lt. Shaver and Lt. Freeborn. You must clear the first area and keep both of them alive to get the "Close Shave" achievement. If one of them dies, you must restart the mission. Kill all enemies as quickly as possible. Run up to the enemies so they focus their fire on you and not your allies. It is recommended to do this on the Easy difficulty. Use the rocket launcher to take out the infantry quickly (locks onto enemies automatically).

Easy "Coup De Grace" achievement
During the Slone Boss fight in Mission 9: The Fold Weapon, damage Slone until she has almost no health remaining. Then, run up to her and perform a melee attack (when the yellow health bar starts to show) to perform a special takedown animation and get the "Coup De Grace" achievement. Note: This can only be done against certain bosses since some bosses explode instantly and you cannot melee them.

Easy "Cowboy Up" and "You Can Be My Wingman Anytime" achievements
At the start of Mission 3: Blood And Rust, you will encounter some enemy Titans. Exit your Titan and jump on top of an enemy Titan. Do this once to get the "Cowboy Up" achievement. Do this a few times to destroy the Titan and get the "You Can Be My Wingman Anytime" achievement.

Easy "Hat Trick" achievement
In Mission 4: Chapter 1 - Into The Abyss, after you encounter the first Titans in this mission, a gate will open up and three Titans will spawn (approximately 2-3 minutes into the mission). Damage them until they have very little health remaining and will die with 1-2 hits. Damaging them automatically powers up your core abilities. Use the Burst Core (Expedition loadout) to kill them quickly and get the "Hat Trick" achievement. If you fail, restart the checkpoint and try again.

Easy "I Know Kung Fu" achievement
At the start of Mission 9: The Fold Weapon, you will obtain a pistol with auto-aim during a cutscene (unmissable). It kills all enemies in one hit and has 100% accuracy. Perform a wall run and keep shooting the auto-aim pistol at the first group of enemies (while they are in your line of sight) in this mission to get the "I Know Kung Fu" achievement.

Easy "It Was Coming Right For Us" achievement
In Mission 5: Chapter 2 - Effect And Cause, there is a Powler in the first room after learning how to time travel (main objective: "Take Anderson's wrist-mounted device"). Enter the cage in present time, then travel to the past to see the Powler. Kill it to get the "It Was Coming Right For Us" achievement. If you have already completed this mission, select Mission 5: Chapter 2 at the mission selection screen to start at the point when you get the time travel device so you do not have to replay the entire mission.

Easy "Pied Piper" and "Robot Army" achievements
Near the end of Mission 6: Chapter 3 - The Beacon (main objective: "Get a working module from the dish"), there are some green wall panels that you can shoot with the Arc weapon to activate nearby robots, called Stalkers. There are three wall panels and each one unlocks two robots. They will follow you around and protect you. If you have already completed this mission, select Mission 6: Chapter 3 so you do not have to replay the entire mission.

You can find the EPG in the Pilot Certification Training tutorial. Look above the gun range that faces toward a grouping of targets to find it.

Titans for Sale
When you start playing, you'll have access to only three of the six total Titans available. Ronin, Legion, and Tone are locked away until you either level up a lot, or until you buy them using in-game currency. They only cost 25 credits apiece, which means they're a cheap purchase, so you're better off making the extra mechs your first investment before you start sinking credits in other options.

Various Achievements
Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock Points
...Becomes the Master Place in the top 3 on the Gauntlet scoreboard 15
4 Bars (secret) Retrieved a working Uplink Module 15
Aim Bot Destroy a Titan with your Smart Core in the Campaign 15
Angel of Death Destroy a Titan with your Flight Core in the Campaign 15
Annihilation Kill 25 infantry in 2 seconds as a Titan in the Campaign 15
Apex Predator Perform a melee takedown while cloaked in the Campaign 15
BT Prime (secret) Fully Powered BT-7274 15
Calling CQ (secret) Powered the Beacon 15
Certified Pilot Complete the Campaign on Regular 30
Close Shave (secret) Kept Lt. Shaver and Lt. Freeborn Alive 15
Collector Find 25 Collectibles 15
Coup de Grace Destroy a Mercenary Titan with a melee execution in the Campaign 15
Cowboy Up Rodeo an enemy Titan in the Campaign 15
Defanged (secret) Defeated Viper 30
Dust to Dust (secret) Defeated Ash 30
Every Nook and Cranny Find All Collectibles 90
Excessive Force Destroy a Titan with your Burst Core in the Campaign 15
Face Melter Destroy a Titan with your Laser Core in the Campaign 15
Fire Everything! Destroy a Titan with your Salvo Core in the Campaign 15
Flame On! Destroy a Titan with your Flame Core in the Campaign 15
Following the Footsteps (secret) Viewed Anderson's first Holographic Log 15
Free Association Join a player created Multiplayer Network 15
Hat Trick Destroy 3 enemy Titans with 1 Core ability in the Campaign 15
Hot Mess (secret) Defeated Kane 30
I have the Power! Destroy a Titan with your Sword Core in the Campaign 15
I know Kung Fu Shoot and kill 3 enemies in a row while wallrunning as a Pilot in the Campaign 15
I'm Not Locked in Here With You (secret) Defeated the Reapers in Ash's Simulation Dome 15
Incepted (secret) Climbed the Sideways Town 15
It Was Coming Right For Us Kill a Caged Prowler in the Wildlife Research Labs 10
Jack of All Trades Collect all of BT's loadouts in the Campaign 15
Legendary Pilot Complete the Campaign on Master 90
Lock and Load Customize a multiplayer loadout 15
No Salvage (secret) Defeated Slone 30
Off the Beaten Path Find 10 Collectibles 15
Pied Piper (secret) Activated a Stalker rack 15
Power Slide Shoot and kill 3 enemies in a row while sliding as a Pilot in the Campaign 15
Precious Cargo (secret) Located the Ark 15
Renowned Pilot Complete the Campaign on Hard 30
Robot Army Acquire 6 or more friendly Stalkers at the same time in the Campaign 15
Secret Plans (secret) Completed Special Operation 217 15
So It Begins... Win a multiplayer match 15
Some Shortcut! (secret) Entered the World Foundry 15
The Ark (secret) Secured the Ark 15
The Graduate (secret) Completed training 15
The Real Pilot's Gauntlet (secret) Completed the rising world run 15
The Student... Beat Pilot Anderson's Gauntlet ghost recorder time 15
Titanfall! (secret) Called in a new BT 15
Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator (secret) Found the Arc Tool 15
VSee You at the Party (secret) Defeated Richter 30
You can be my Wingman anytime Destroy an enemy Titan as a Pilot in the Campaign 15

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