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Name of the file: Quiplash - Xbox One - Author: ANO

Easy "Eighters Gonna Eight" Achievement
Create your own solo "eight" player game by joining a game through your PC, console, mobile phone, browsers, etcetera.

Easy "Quip Pro Quo" Achievement
Question: "What would be the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?"
Answer: "Buy More Tickets"

Question: "The world's most boring video game"
Answer: "Quiplash"

Question: "Today's music needs more _______"
Answer: "Cowbell"

Question: "Something you'd like to smash with a wrecking ball."
Answer: "Miley Cyrus"

Question: "What is a bad slogan for a congressman?"
Answer: "Don't vote for me"

Question: ""Something you wouldn't want to find growing on your neck"
Answer: "Another Head"

Question: "The least romantic place to propose marriage."
Answer: "Restroom"

Question: "What would the sequel to the painting 'Dogs Playing Poker' be named?"
Answer: Dogs Playing Strip Poker

Question: "The worst planet to crash land onto would be The Planet of the ___"
Answer: Apes

Question: A Great way to kill time at work.
Answer: Working

Question: "Where are all the missing socks?"
Answer: "Heaven"

Question: "What is the best way to tell if someone is dead?"
Answer: "Ask them"

Question: "The real secret to living to age 100"
Answer: "Don't die"

Question: "A gift you shouldn't get for your grandmother?"
Answer: "Coffin"

Question: "Worst name for a race horse?"
Answer: "Glue"

Question: "Name an animal Noah shouldn't have saved"
Answer: "Mosquito"

Question: "What's the worst thing about living in Hell?"
Answer: "Bad Wifi"

Question: "How many monkeys is too many monkeys?"
Answer: "12"

Question: "A lesser known way to get gum out of your hair"
Answer: "Cum"

Question: "A rejected title for The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly. The Good, the Bad and the ____."
Answer: "Horny"

Question: "What is a bad place to skinny dip?"
Answer: "Volcano"

Question: "If the winning coach gets Gatorade dumped on him what should the losing coach get dumped on him?"
Answer: "Powerade"

Question: "What's something you never want to hear your pilot say?"
Answer: "I'm drunk"

Question: "What's a good use for gravy?"
Answer: "Lotion"

Question: What's the worst thing that could crawl out of your toilet?"
Answer: "Snake"

Question: "What really happens if you tear off that mattress tag?"
Answer: "Nothing"

Question: "Password for the high-society sex club down the street."
Answer: "Password"

Question: "You should never ______ and _____ at the same time."
Answer: "Eat and Poop"

Question: "The worst children board game "__,__ Hippos"
Answer: "Horny Horny"

Question: "What's the secret to living to 100?"
Answer: "Don't Die"

Question: "The best thing to use when you're out of toilet paper"
Answer: "Sandpaper"

Question: "Come up with a three word sequel to Eat, Pray, Love."
Answer: "Eat, Eat, Eat"

Question: "A name for an obese rapper?"
Answer: "Fat Shady"

Question: "What shouldn't you buy off Craigslist?"
Answer: "Kids"

Question: "Who should read the audibook for Fifty Shades of Grey?"
Answer: "Gilbert Gotfried"

Question: "Why does the tower of Pisa lean?"
Answer: "Gravity"

Question: "Best way to remove pubic hair"
Answer: "Duct tape"

Various Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
Eighters Gonna Eight (50 points) Played a game with 8 players.
Give It The Fingers (50 points) Successfully entered both your quips in a round.
He Who Lashes Last... (100 points) Got 70% or more of the votes in the Last Lash.
Hi, Jinx! (100 points) Entered the same thing as your opponent.
Meatloaf Candy (100 points) Wrote "meatloaf candy" and win a battle with it.
Quip It Good (100 points) With both of your battles in a round.
Quip Pro Quo (100 points) Wrote a quip that Schmitty actually responds to.
Quipee-ki-yay! (150 points) You won all of your battles in Round 1 and 2.
Sitting Ovation (50 points) Played a game with an audience.
The Titular Achievement (200 points) Got a quiplash..

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