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Name of the file: Magnant v2.2.0 Cheat Codes - Author: TNT

1. Start the game.

2. Open the game Message Box:
Hit the key " ENTER " or " RETURN " (by default).
A Message Box should open with a cursor.

3. Enter your codes.

NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.

Cheat Codes (case sensitive):

whatareyoudoing *-* Enable All of the Following Cheat Codes:

icantwait *-* SPEEEEEEEDDDD! (super-fast Sugar Harvesting)

givemeresourcesnow *-* Increases resources by:
+12000 sugar, +5000 wood, & +5000 plancton

on screen *-* Reveal Map

showpath *-* Reveal Map

fow on *-* Turn on the "Fog of War"

fow off *-* Turn off the "Fog of War"

fastdebug *-* FAST DEBUG SPEED
Speeds up by 10 times: Resources Harvest, Resources
Return, Build, Train, Upgrade, & Research

normaldebug *-* NORMAL DEBUG SPEED
Return to normal speed: Resources Harvest, Resources
Return, Build, Train, Upgrade, & Research

speedallplease *-* Toggle Fast Debug Speed on/off. And if toggling it on,
also gives +32000 to each of the 3 Resources

skipthislevelplease *-* Victory! (jump to the next mission of the Campaign or
win the level if Skirmish Mode)

iliketoloose *-* Defeat! (you suck! Loose the current level)

setgodmodeplease *-* Toggle God Mode on/off (for all of your units &
buildings). Seems to also enable super damage
(possibly one-hit kills).

givemepowerplease *-* Give lots of Mana to your Spell casting units

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