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Name of the file: Chrome : SpecForce Cheat Codes - Author: TNT

The cheat codes on this game engine seem to have never changed. This
means that these codes should work on Chrome: SpecForce, Advanced
Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat, and the original Chrome.
Nonetheless, these codes are found in a SpecForce game file. Think of
the Java in the game and then go back to clASS. Then you should be able
to find where we got these cheats from. And not from the web, like
certain other pathetic groups would have done. Enjoy!

NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.

Cheat Codes (case sensitive):

GodMode Toggle God Mode on/off (unlimited health)
(After entering this cheat, the console will show
"GodMode 1" if enabled, or else "GodMode 0" if disabled)

AddAmmo Sets the ammo count to 500 for the clips of every
weapon in your inventory. This means that you can fire
500 times with each weapon before having to reload.

TuneWeapons Increases Damage done by certain weapons, but only
those currently in your inventory. Most Guns will be
upgraded to deal 500 points of damage. The Knife
weapon upgrades from 150 points to 500 points as well.

FullHealth Restore your Health to the maximum

TuneImplants Makes your implants replenish energy, instead of taking
it away. You must activate at least one for this to
take effect. Some default key binds for those
implants: X Q E C

ClearOverload <unknown effect>

*** For all of the following Cheat Codes that start with "Give", be aware that
they will add an Item to your inventory. If you do not have enough
inventory space, then the item will fly onto the ground. You can pick it
up off the ground after making room in your inventory.

GiveAmmo9mmShort Ammo9mmShort
GiveAmmo12mmShort Ammo12mmShort
GiveAmmo14mmLong Ammo14mmLong
GiveAmmoRockets AmmoRockets
GiveAmmoEnergy AmmoEnergy
GiveAmmo8mmLong Ammo8mmLong
GiveAmmoShotgun AmmoShotgun
GiveOCICrom WeaponRifleSniperHeavy
GiveMatsonACC WeaponRifleSniper
GiveNoNFrager WeaponRifleShotgun
GiveC9S WeaponRifleShortSilenced
GiveC9A5 WeaponRifleShort
GiveTAINitron WeaponRifleMachineGun
GiveMAXatron WeaponRifleHeavy
GiveMatsonCAFS WeaponRifle
GiveTC234Sup WeaponPistolSilenced
GiveBjornHD WeaponPistolHeavy
GiveTC234 WeaponPistol
GiveGLDragoon WeaponHeavyRocketLauncher
GiveLeRogue WeaponHeavyHEX
GiveOCIX4 WeaponHeavyElectro
GiveKnife WeaponKnife
GiveGrenade WeaponGrenade
GiveClusterGrenade WeaponGrenadeCluster
GiveHealtex DrugHealthex (heals your beaten ass)
GiveOCS DrugNeuralHealthex (recharges power armor - implants)
GiveCloakingDevice CloakingDevice

NextMission NextMission (jump to the next single player Mission)

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