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Name of the file: Supreme Ruler 2010 Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.
The CD-Rom version is at v4.0.1.

Cheat Codes (case sensitive):
cheat shelovesme [unknown]

cheat shelovesmenot [unknown]

cheat fullmapshow Toggle disable/enable of the UI buttons

cheat maxsat Give Satellites.
[Check "In Orbit" after hitting the F3 key.]

cheat endday After the current day is over, the game auto-skips
through the days until you run this Cheat again to
disable it.
[NOTE: units do not seem to move when this Cheat is
enabled. Production does seem to advance though.]

cheat georgew Give $10,000 money

cheat satellite [unknown]

cheat instantwin Win the current Scenario

cheat allunit Allow production/training of ALL game units (even if
you have not yet researched them)

cheat onedaybuild [unknown]
[You would think this allows construction of buildings
and units after one day of time. But, it does not seem
to do that.]

cheat allowcheats Enable ALL of the above Cheat Codes (ehem...)
[Must be re-enabled if you leave the current game]


1. Start the game.

2. Begin a New Game or Load a SavedGame

3. Open the game CHAT Console:
Hit the key ENTER or click the CHAT button on the left.
A CONSOLE window should open with a cursor.

4. Enter your codes. Then, hit ENTER to accept.
NOTE: there is no confirmation of successfull entry. Boo!!!

The game will know you are cheating and it will be shown on the Stats at
the end of your mission. Also, it will save your cheating status to
saved games.

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