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Name of the file: Diamond Dash Cheat Codes - Author: TNT

Cheat Codes (case insensitive):

SOPHIA Cheat Codes Enabled
enables all of the following up to the WARP code only.

S increases Single Snipe specials by 1

B increases Bomb specials by 1

X increases 3x3 specials by 1

C increases Special Cross specials by 1

WARP Warp Codes Enabled
enables the following 4 codes.

Up Arrow increase Level number

Left Arrow decreases Sub-Level number

Right Arrow increases Sub-Level number

Enter Warp to the selected Level/Sub-Level

1. Start the game.

2. While Playing or at the Main Menu, use the SOPHIA and/or WARP codes.
(just type the word of the Code you want to use and realize that there is
no need to hit the ENTER key at the end either).

You should receive a dialog box to inform you that the code was enabled.

Do not hold the Shift Key when entering cheat codes or they will not work.
However, you can have CAPS LOCK either On or Off & they WILL work.

3. While playing the game, enter your codes.

If using the Level Warp codes, note the Upper left box showing the Level &
Sub-Level selected. Be aware of the need to hit the ENTER key to warp!

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