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Name of the file: WarGames Cheat Codes - Author: DOL

During gameplay in a 1P game, press T,
then enter any of the following "Codes":

eyeofgod - Extra Level of Zoom on Lower Level Machines
saladtossed - Choose Level
twobyfour - Builds Units
hermes - Speeds Up Building of Units
donkeys - Shoots Jeeps Instead of Missiles
morningafter - Removes Fog of War
gimmegimme - Allows You to Build Everything
unclejohn - God Mode
chaching - Adds 10,000 to Cash Total
mrmuscle - Upgrades Player's Armor
bigsofty - Downgrades Enemy Armor
coffee - Upgrades Player's Speed
beer - Downgrades Enemy Speed
shaft - Upgrage Player's Firepower
shank - Downgrade Enemy's Firepower

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