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Name of the file: Swat 4 Cheat Codes - Author: MAN

Bring up the console ingame using the ` button. Use the ' button if you have a European keyboard.

Code - Effect
3rd person camera - behindview 1
Change map - open "mapname"

Developer Tips
The optiwand is a critical tool. If you do not plan to carry a wand, it is a good idea to make sure more than one AI officer is carrying an optiwand in case one with the wand is incapacitated during a mission.

It is a good idea to optiwand around blind corners. Your AI officers can also be ordered to optiwand around most corners.

Increasing the difficulty will also increase the morale of suspects and civilians.

Civilians or suspects who are not compliant at first can be made to comply using non lethal weapons such as the less-lethal shotgun, taser, or grenades. An effective way to make suspects and civilians comply is to shoot them with a lethal weapon in a non-lethal area such as in the leg or the arm. However, you will achieve higher scores for not injuring civilians or suspects.

Any suspects caught behind a door that is being blown by C2 will be momentarily stunned.

Crouching, moving slowly, and firing in short bursts keeps the targeting reticule tight and will make your shots more accurate.

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