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Name of the file: My Summer Car Save Game - Author: SAY

living in an apartment

We present to you a special save for the game My Summer Car, which will allow you to start a new life in a cozy apartment. You will find yourself at the very beginning of the game, but with some nice bonuses:

You will have an unassembled Satsuma waiting for your attention and care. It will take some effort to turn her into a real beauty!
You are free from any missions or obligations, so you can enjoy the game at your own pace.
You have as many as 15,000 marks at your disposal for the first time. Use them wisely!
A small supply of food awaits you at home so as not to starve in the first days.
The Satsuma car will be parked in the backyard, waiting for your attention.
All parts for assembling a car will be available as at the beginning of a new game.

For this save to work correctly, you must first install two additional mods:

Rent Apartament - allows you to rent the apartments in which you will live.
Fridge API - adds a refrigerator for storing food to the game.

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