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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips for Chainbreaker:
Chainbreaker’s Runic Strike (1) is its bread-and-butter. There are
some turns where you don’t actually have to do anything else, because
it’s the highest damage output 1 in the game– not to mention, the fact
that it’s a movement Binding means that you can use it to gap close
(instead of your normal movement), and even use it to deal damage
without taking chip from Blight.

You can also use Infused Fist (2) to avoid damage from otherwise-
unavoidable attacks by shoving enemies away. I would recommend using
it primarily for this, unless you have Sapping Fist and need to heal–
or if killing an enemy (or enemies) would mitigate more damage than
shoving it away. Remember: death is the best crowd control!

I would avoid Benevolent Eruption, and pick up Sap whenever you can.
Magic Runic Strike and Physical Runic Strike are also both very good,
because they offer a very high boost to base damage. Long Runic Strike
can be used to overcome High Gravity, and Sundering Runic Strike is
very good. I avoid gunning for Poison early (unless I get Exodia)
because it makes me more susceptible to chip damage.

You should always be picking Marker of the Unbound if you see Gunkfilled
as your first book. Otherwise, I like Scales of Infinite Potential, and
Rose of Rubies is currently generally very good on every Aspect (albeit
you should pick up at least 2 Verdant if you use it).

-=Drafted Bindings=-
In general, you should be able to make it work with most of them, but
there are still clear winners here. Jinx and Cleave are both
extraordinarily high damage, and are really good on Chainbreaker because
of your ability to reduce their costs with combo. Grasp’s ability to
pull in enemies means you get even more movement freed up, while doubling
the next hit of your incredibly-high damage (which is further improved
if you can find Envelop). Poison Vapor is the obvious choice for a Poison
build, but I don’t like Poison very much myself, so I personally avoid it

Smoke Bomb is universally good defensively, with Afterimage, Shield Wall,
and Restoration also being not terrible (in solos, anyways; you probably
just want more damage in multiplayer, and Smoke Bomb is the only one I
actively like taking out of these). I don’t personally like Cultivate
(you’re already kinda tight on how much Will you can spend). Blink and
Quicken aren’t super duper necessary imo because you don’t need more

Tips on Solo Deep Dive Rank 8:
* Get some type of defensive things – Pick something to focus on, and go
ham on it. A vestige set, a damage type, or what have you.. An early
Bastion, Verdant or Vigorous set can remove some of the heat the enemies
are giving you.
* Focus on a specific set. Yes, bastion 3 is great, but it might lead to
you not being able to to defeat the boss because you’re lacking either
options or DPS. With Magma Miner for example, I always tried to go for
either Striker or Molten sets, sometimes both. Omni-damage is always
great to have and with bastion 3 for example, you can get up to shadow
5 without taking any health damage.
* Take a trinket you are comfortable with. I personally love Blessing of
Kwills, it allows you to reroll into higher rarities, making even
tarnished vaults pretty useful early on.
* Basically always take hard fights. I assume you probably do, but
still. 99% of the time, it is just better to do the hard ones.
* In book 1, it is pretty helpful to go for the sea shards. No reason
for anything else early on unless you want to get a set bonus with the
vestige grinder. But that is something you’ll get a feeling for later

Useful Tips for Star Captain:
* Clips of Extraction makes the aspect feel 100% better imo. Without any
cooldown reduction, normal 1-orb turns will leave you unable to cast
Cryoclasm every turn (2 of the first 3 turns depending on when you pull
orbs). With clips you get your 3 every turn and your 2 twice some turns.
You should still get cooldown reduction on 2 and 3 (both green augments)
to be able to cast Mission Leader multiple times per turn for more drones
and to get some double Cryoclasm turns.
* Ideally you want to have a drone available any time you use your 1, 3, or
Cone of Frost if you take it. In reality you’ll have some 1 filler without
drones, but this should guide all your choices imo. Besides lowering the
cooldown, Fleet Commander Mission Leader (blue) augment gives you an
additional drone per use, and the DARVe Replicator (green) item you unlock
from aspect quests gives you a drone at turn start.
* Invigorate and Lightning Bolt are more limited than on Magma Miner, for
example, because they’ll affect the attack binding damage but not interact
with the Frostbite or drone damage, so you transfer less with Shocked and
you benefit less from Invigorate. I won’t make a strong case for taking
Cone of Frost bc usually having a bunch of extra Frostbite on an enemy
doesn’t help much, but if you get the Absolute Zero ascension for Cryoclasm
it’s very strong, and there’s a purple augment for Cone of Frost that gives
+25 Frostbite damage, which is hard to come by otherwise. Defensive bindings
are cool too, the base kit is solid and specific around Frostbite/drone.
* The aspect has great, game-changing ascensions, so reroll away from ascending
drafted bindings if you can. Stimulate or Big Game Hunter can turn boss
fights into just spamming 1, Arctic Commander can scale Frostbite for longer
boss fights, Absolute Zero can make Cryclasm a monster nuke with Frostbite
stack augments.
* Oh it probably goes without saying, but drone damage is physical and your
other attacks are magical, so omni damage is ideal.

One more thing, Stimulate reads like a multiplayer ascension since its bounces
can buff players, but in addition to using it to buff yourself, a single-player
trick is to position yourself such that you can reach otherwise unreachable
enemies with the added bounce.

I find this is most commonly useful on bosses that spawn a couple minions
each turn. In this example we position ourselves between the boss and its
minion and utilize the extra bounce to get some free damage.

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